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Before we get started with how to run your small business, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge an event that affected and is still affecting every American life. Fourteen years ago, terrorists attacked two monumental buildings in New York City known as the Twin Towers. It was a devastating blow to American culture. Wherever you are, whatever you believe, we ask that you would take a moment of remembrance to honor those who lost and sacrificed their lives in this event.

11 Tips for Small Business Management

Small business management, despite its descriptor, is no small task. There is much that goes into running any business. If you’re trying to get your small business up and running these tips should help you get started.

Get Your Small Business Running

1.     Make Your Bank Work for You

When it comes to picking a financial institution, take the time to explore all of your options. Many banks offer accounts with low fees. Banking with the right institution will help you stretch every dollar.

2.     Outsource Services

In order to take some stress off you back, you can outsource tasks such as payroll, accounting, and HR services. If you need a recommendation for a good place to go, we know just the place.

3.     Meet with A Small Business Development Center

These provide help during all stages of the business cycle. They can help you create a great business plan to approach a lender with and their counseling is always free.

4.     Make a Strong Business Plan

Outline your finances so you know what sales numbers you need to meet along with specific goals you have for the growth or improvement of the business.

5.     Networking is Key

Gain the support of other local small businesses by networking with other small business owners. Join small business associations and participate in community events to raise awareness of your business. Participate in community functions so potential clients will be aware of the services you offer.

6.     Manage Your Inventory

No matter the product, inventory management can make or break a small retail business, so manage it carefully to ensure that you’re maximizing every dollar spent.

7.     Stay Organized

Develop a spreadsheet that helps you keep track of all the important details so you don’t have to keep them straight in your head, and make time to review everything.

8.     Know Your Business

Stay on top of what’s new or trendy in your business so your small business can stay competitive within the industry.

9.     Get Licensed

Remember to register and acquire your small business license in the particular industry of your business. This step is important to ensuring that you’re running your business legally and according to industry regulations.

10.  Hire Certified Employees

Having certifications for all employees will ensure that your employees are skilled at the highest level and will increase your client’s confidence in your business.

11.  Offer References

Compile a list of satisfied clients that are willing to serve as references to potential clients. This will give future customers the ability to verify your work and customer service.

Small Business Management Takes Discipline

PayTech is here to help and we hope you gained as much as we did by reading through these tips. It may sound easy after getting all of this done but it takes a lot of time and discipline in order for all of this to work. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, visit our Contact Us page and get some advice from one of our experts!



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