Affordable Care Act Solution

Our web-based solution is designed to support employers with the complexity of the Affordable Care Act.

  • Employers payroll data is uploaded through integration monthly (automated process)
  • Manage health care plans and coverage information via manual import process
  • Reports can be printed or exported to excel.
  • Populating and generating the required annual IRS reports.


  • Generates required ACA Reporting and Documentation.
  • Alerts compliance requirements
  • Takes over where payroll reporting stops.
  • Manages an unlimited number of companies
  • Includes ongoing updates.

Essential Reporting

  • Consolidates information related to offers of coverage, employees, and more for IRS reporting.
  • Manages plan information.
  • Allows for documenting types of plans covered.
  • Populates the C series reports and the employer statements.
  • Provides signature ready IRS report.

Activation and Set Up

  • Fully Functional ACA Reporting with monthly tracking and reporting
  • End of year tax forms 1094-C and 1095-C
  • E-filing and tax form distribution

Available Reports

Cover and Summary of the Measurement, Administrative and Stability Periods chose by the Employer as well as the Year to date full-time equivalent Employees and the number of Full-Time Equivalent Employees in the current month.

A report that indicates any employees whose Measurement Period ends in the reporting month.

An in-depth report that includes:

  • Indications of any employees in their Administrative Period in the reporting month.
  • Identification of employees whose Measurement Period is set to end the month after the reporting month selected.
  • Identification of employees whose Measurement Period is set to end 60 days after the reporting date selected by the user.

Consolidates information related to offers of coverage, employees and more for the IRS reporting.

Payroll is something that every business owner knows cannot wait 48 hours. As CEO of PayTech, I follow the example of its founder, my father Richard Humphrey. He taught me that no one wants to be treated like they are just a number. We have been personalizing payroll for 35 years and know the only reason we have persevered it is because of our fantastic clients. We promote them in our newsletters and social media as a way to thank them for their business and loyalty. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about our services.

-Rene Brofft, CEO


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