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Whew! 2016 is almost over and 2017 is knocking at the door. How’s your head feel? Tired, I bet. Well, you’ve earned it! You’ve worked hard this year. Some ups, some downs; hopefully more of the former than the latter. Either way, a new year is here and it’s time to start thinking of your goals for 2017. Increase the bottom lines, hire more employees, expand your products and services, spend more time on marketing, hang with the family some more. Yikes, the list seems daunting, fun, but daunting nonetheless. With a limited amount of time, you’ve got to ask yourself “where is my time best spent?”

As the leader, you are pulled in many directions, but as a great leader, you have to delegate your time. Focus on the areas that only you can imagine and get others to step into the minutia of simple tasks. For example, hiring someone to do you payroll and accounting services will free up a ton of time  (not to mention alleviate a significant point of frustration for you). But don’t hire some Joe off the street that doesn’t take the job seriously, after all, we are talking about two tasks that deal with the money you’re working so hard to bring in. You need an expert that can handle payroll and accounting with ease and perfection. That’s where we come in.

Accounting and Payroll Solutions

Pay-tech is an award winning payroll and accounting firm based out of Phoenix, Arizona. PayTech helps everyday business owners handle the HR, accounting, and payroll responsibilities of businesses so owners and operators can focus on what they do best! Our awarding winning services, cutting edge technology, customizable options, and professional staff makes it easy for businesses to efficiently run their offices. No more spending hours pouring over the books and being afraid you’re filing the taxes wrong. We’re here to help!

Payroll Solutions

Accounting and Payroll SolutionsPayroll needs to happen on time every time. If you’ve ever been paid late or paid the wrong amount, your know what we mean! Payroll is a tedious task, but one that can affect the entire staff if done incorrectly. At PayTech, we take this job seriously.

As a leading edge payroll, we reduce the complexity and risk of handling your payroll, taxes, and withholding. Our personal account managers are assigned to your company so you get the same person every time you call. Your account manager can answer any of your questions and is also available to talk with employees about their questions.

Your payroll is processed correctly, taxes filed properly, and employees please indefinitely.

Additional benefits of PayTech Payroll Solutions

  • Expert solutions for payroll management, tax calculation, and HR
  • Flexible resources for companies with 25-500 employees
  • Convenient paperless payroll reporting with PayChoice ONLINE
  • Tax Credit and Recovery
  • Time and Labor Management Technology
  • Personal account manager
  • Employee access to account manager
  • Employee access to their private records

Accounting Solutions

Accounting and Payroll SolutionsWhen you partner with our accounting solutions team, our accounting gurus reduces the complexity and risk of handling your own books and accounting. We realize the importance of a reliable and resourceful accounting advisor who provides sound bookkeeping and professional tax guidance at the least possible cost. Our accounting and tax services are designed to cut through the red tape and get you the necessary information to custom-fit your business needs.

Whether you are already taking advantage of our payroll, HR Support or Payroll Plus services, your partnership with a PayTech accounting and tax professional will lead the way to a future your business can count on. Suddenly peace of mind gives you the freedom to focus on more important money-generating strategies.

Some of our tax services include:

  • Year-round business and personal tax consultation
  • Year-end planning to maximize tax savings
  • Tax comparisons to maximize legal deductions
  • QuickBooks set-up and training
  • Elimination of unwarranted penalties
  • Year-round monitoring of tax law changes
  • Tax return preparation
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Business buy/sell analysis
  • Equipment and real estate purchase and sale planning
  • Projections, budgets and comparative financial reports
  • Business problem solving and expansion evaluation

2017 Is Your Year!

You’re going to kill it in 2017! We just know it. And with our help, you’ll be able to hone in on the goals, vision, and next level of the company’s success all the while knowing that your accounting and payroll are being executed with precision and accuracy! Let’s get together this year and make 2017 the best year yet!


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