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Whew! 2021 is almost over and 2022 is right around the corner, and we’re sure you’ve had your fair share of ups and downs for your business.

Now that a new year is on the horizon, it’s time to start brainstorming some of your company goals for 2022. Are you needing to hire more employees, expand your products and services, or spend more resources on your digital marketing campaigns?

One way to free up some hands and maybe even save some money in the long run is hiring a professional payroll and accounting service provider.But you also don’t want to waste time and money on a low-quality service provider either. You need an expert that can handle payroll and accounting with accuracy and ease. And that’s where we come in.

The Best Phoenix Payroll Solutions are Easier to Find Now More Than Ever

Paytech is an award-winning payroll and accounting firm based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We help business owners handle the HR, accounting, and payroll responsibilities of the organization so your team can focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest.

Our awarding-winning services, cutting-edge technology, customizable options, and professional staff all make it easy for businesses to optimize their overall operations. No more spending hours poring over the books while being afraid you’re filing the taxes wrong – we’re here to help!

Payroll Solutions for 2022

Payroll needs to happen on time, every time. If you’ve ever been paid late or paid the wrong amount, you know first-hand what happens when payroll error occurs! Payroll can be a tedious task, but one that can have no slack at all without consequences. At PayTech, our payroll experts take payroll accuracy seriously.

As a leading outsourced payroll solution, we reduce the complexity and risk of handling your payroll, taxes, and withholdings. Our personal account managers are assigned to your company so you get the same representative every time you call. Your account manager can answer any of your questions, and will also be available to talk with any of your employees who have questions or concerns regarding their pay.

Your payroll will be processed correctly, taxes filed properly, and your employees will be assured of the best payroll experience possible.

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How Can Outsourced Accounting Improve My Business?

When working with a reputable outsourced accounting provider, you are enlisting the services of a team with decades of experience in dealing with financial solutions for small businesses. We have seen every type of payroll situation, accounting error, and the right solutions for each of them. Instead haunting accounting errors reigning either in your imagination or in reality, , we stop them from ever happening in the first place. And if they happen to occur, we know best how to fix them in a timely manner.

Additionally, our licensed professionals have a suite of resources to contact appropriate tax entities in a timely fashion and make sure that you’re not exposed to risk with incorrect or late reporting. Small businesses lose millions of dollars every year to payroll fines and improper filings – don’t let this happen to you!

Additional Benefits of PayTech Payroll Solutions

Once we’re working together, we promise to deliver unique payroll solutions custom-tailored to the needs of your business. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan for any industry, organization, or location. Our wide range of services include:

  • Remote work and multiple-location payroll processing and delivery
  • Expert solutions for payroll management, tax calculation, and HR
  • Flexible resources for companies with 25-500 employees
  • Convenient paperless payroll reporting with PayChoice ONLINE
  • Tax Credit and Recovery services
  • Time and Labor Management technology
  • A personal account manager designated to your business
  • Employee direct access to your designated account manager
  • Employee direct access to their own private records

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What Solutions Can I Find at PayTech?

When you partner with our payroll solutions team, our accounting gurus reduce the complexity and stress of handling your own books. We realize the importance of a reliable and resourceful accounting advisor who provides sound bookkeeping and professional tax guidance. Our accounting and tax services are designed to cut through the red tape and get you the necessary information to custom-fit your business’s needs.

Whether you are already taking advantage of our accounting, HR Support, or Payroll Plus services, your partnership with a PayTech accounting and tax professional will lead the way to a future your business can count on. Your newfound peace of mind can give you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Some of our tax services include:

  • Year-round business and personal tax consultation
  • Year-end planning to maximize tax savings
  • Tax comparisons to maximize legal deductions
  • QuickBooks set-up and training
  • Elimination of unwarranted penalties
  • Year-round monitoring of tax law changes
  • Tax return preparation
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Business buy/sell analysis
  • Equipment and real estate purchase and sale planning
  • Projections, budgets and comparative financial reports
  • Business problem solving and expansion evaluation

Get Started with Phoenix Payroll Outsourcing Today

With Paytech Solutions, we can help you hone in on the goals, vision, and growth of your company all the while knowing that your accounting and payroll are being executed with precision and accuracy.

If you’re looking to streamline your accounting solutions for long-term success, it’s time to start a conversation. Let’s get together this year and make 2022 the best year yet for your business!

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