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Attract Top Talent with Better Job Posting Strategies


There will always be more potential employees than there are jobs. However, if you are looking for that elite talent, it is still a seller’s market! Your number one priority should be to narrow down the prospects that you even consider. You want the best, and you can get that if you reconsider your job posting strategies.

Job Posting Strategies Overview

In general, the tips below move towards the concept of exclusivity. All of the job posting strategy tips you receive here are meant to narrow down your list of prospects, not raise it. The first mistake that most people make is going for more volume instead of more talent. The two concepts usually work in complete opposite – if you have more volume, the amount of talent is diluted. Conversely, the more talent that you attract, the less likely you are to have hundreds of applicants in your pool.

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Limit Your Job Postings

You do not need to have a job listing on every job board that is out there. As a matter of fact, if you limit your jobs postings to the niche boards, you will shorten the path to elite talent. The people who find a job listings from Google are not necessarily the people you want to attract. Elite talent works from a word-of-mouth infrastructure.

You may actually want to coordinate with your local community colleges and universities in order to figure out where they are directing their top students to look for jobs. They may even have their own boards that you could get involved with. This is just one example of how exclusivity actually creates an advantage for you. If you have access to the latest crop of graduates as a tech company, for instance, then you know that you are getting the absolute best from the wider community as well.

Be Very Precise in Your Job Description

You should also create an air of exclusivity in the job posting itself. Why? Again, you are not looking for a large number of unqualified applicants. Your job opportunity is not the lottery – selling the most tickets is not how you do business! How do you keep away people who would not be appropriate for your job in the first place? Have your job description be so precise that only the most qualified applicants will even want to read it through until the end.Ideally, your job description will be the beginning of a conversation between your company and your prospect pool. Do not be afraid to use lingo that only qualified applicants would understand. This will keep out people who are looking generally instead of those with specific industry experience. In order to make your job listing even more exclusive, you can actually list the specific skill set that you are looking for. If there are any industry-standard software programs that your prospects need to know, make sure these are prominently displayed in the job description.

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Require Your Prospects to Invest in Your Job Listing Before Consideration

Another way to ensure that you only get elite prospects is to require a bit of investment before you will consider a prospect. Sending in a resume and a cover letter is no longer adequate – anyone can do this. Moreover, people tend to embellish these items anyway. Even if they have industry experience, you waste time on people who do not have the level of experience that you are looking for. There are ways to make sure that these embellish yours do not even have a chance to get through your front door.

Require more investment than a resume and a cover letter. Many ideas that have been successful for elite companies include a short video, a link to a portfolio, or even completion of a short online project or questionnaire. You may even be able to substitute these things for a resume and cover letter. As long as you have the contact information of the prospect, there is no reason to read over a bunch of text about the prospect. You should also ensure that you have a reference list – do not let this get lost in the shuffle.

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As you reconsider your job posting strategies, make sure that you have a company culture that is inviting and conducive to elite talent. This will come through in your job postings. You can also be sure that elite talent will look up your company before even deciding to reply to your job postings.Keep the above tips in mind in order to connect with the best talent out there. If you do not, you may find yourself wading through low-quality resumes trying to find a needle in a haystack. This is not something that you should waste time doing, especially when you have the ability to zero in directly on the talent that you need.

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