December Newsletter – Sexual Harassment Policy Tips

Can you believe it? 2017 is just about over. It’s been a hectic year in Corporate America, especially concerning sexual harassment in the workforce. Included in our newsletter are 2 articles with tips to keep your sexual harassment policy up to date in light of the latest events in the news.

How the New GOP Tax Plan Could Affect Small Businesses in Arizona

Since the U.S. Senate passed its version of the tax overhaul bill, much has been made about what the legislation will mean for large corporations, families and individuals. But what should small businesses in Arizona be aware of as President Trump looks to have the bill finalized and signed by Christmas?

Least Expensive Phoenix Area Cities to Open a Business

As a new or expanding company owner, there are many crucial aspects you should research before you open a business. One of these things is undoubtedly choosing an inexpensive area for your business to thrive in. However, the Phoenix area is quite diverse and it can be difficult to pinpoint which neighborhood will be best… Read more about Least Expensive Phoenix Area Cities to Open a Business

Affordable Holiday Office Party Ideas

There is no time like the holidays to take some time to reward your employees for all they contribute to the business all year long. But with most small businesses forced to adhere to strict budgets, it can feel difficult to find ways to throw a party without breaking the bank. Luckily, you do not… Read more about Affordable Holiday Office Party Ideas

7 Payroll Security Tips for Small Businesses

We say it all the time, “Getting paid on time is a big deal.” While we pride ourselves on timely and accurate payroll processing, your payroll has got to be secure too! Business owners can feel overwhelmed when the topic of payroll security comes up. It can definitely be scary, but there are simple small… Read more about 7 Payroll Security Tips for Small Businesses

Leadership Advice for Small Business Owners

If you are an entrepreneur, you are probably constantly inundated with small business tips and well-meaning friends who want to give you their best leadership advice for small business owners. It can truly be overwhelming. Over the course of owning and operating this business as well as helping our clients operate their businesses, we would… Read more about Leadership Advice for Small Business Owners

5 SCARY Payroll Fines

If you own a business, you’re much more likely to get spooked by payroll fines than by a few zombies or ghosts every October. There are dozens of penalties your company can face for things such as unpaid federal and state payroll taxes. These are serious penalties that can seriously damage your business or even… Read more about 5 SCARY Payroll Fines