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Business Tech: The Best Accounting Technology


Let’s admit it all together now: we hate bookkeeping. Everyone does. Here at PayTech we are all about making even the little things easier. There are a million apps, softwares, and online programs for running a small business. It almost becomes an additional hassle just to find technology for reducing hassle. Check out some of the best accounting technology for running a small business with ease.

Best Accounting Technology

freshbooks1. FreshBooks

Founded in 2003 in a living room, this software takes the frustration and mistakes out of invoicing. The company recently won gold at the Stevie Awards for Best Front-Line customer Service Team (so you know you’re buying a good product). Their computer software and matching iPhone app offer many great functions for running a small business, such as invoicing and basic bookkeeping. However, it doesn’t have everything! We wouldn’t necessarily call it an in-depth accounting app for its inability to chart accounts, keep accounts payable, and create ultra-customized invoices.

[image: www.freshbooks.com]


quickbooks online2. QuickBooks Online  

While the amazing software’s online application has received mixed reviews on forums, we put two thumbs up for QuickBooks Online! With many businesses requiring constant travel and on-the-go information, having access to your small business’s QuickBooks updates is a dream. We will warn you, however, that the program takes some time to get used to! Not all transactions and task are intuitive. It’s an excellent basic accounting tool (in addition to QuickBooks itself) for any startup! Check out our Troubleshoots for QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro Advisor services for more help.

[image: success.hindsitesoftware.com]

kashflow 3. KashFlow

This cloud-based accounting solution simplifies bookkeeping and is very easy to use for first-time small business owners. It has over 15,000 users and won Best Accounting Software and Finance Application at the Software Satisfaction Awards for five out of the past six years! We love it because anyone can use it (not just us accounting wizards). A cool feature that sets it apart is its customization potential and multi-user functionality. Our one complaint is that it isn’t as aesthetically cool as some of the other apps out there- but if it gets the job done, who cares?


sage one4. Sage One 

A product of the 30+ year old company Sage Accounting, this accounting software is specially designed to be used by freelancers, entrepreneurs, and new startups. It has constantly updated invoicing capabilities and collaboration tools, which make business on-the-go a feasible and easy thing. Each account come with extra data for storage and tracks billing, expense reports, and project management. It’s the cheapest program on our list so far! Just know that this is not a program with the depth of QuickBooks.

[image: www.updownload.com]

867_867_logo_sellsy5. Sellsy Invoicing 

This platform is more of a sales management-driven tool. However, it has a slew of convenient features from invoicing and billing to purchases and inventory management. One thing we dislike about Sellsy is its lack of multi-factor access control. Visually stunning, the visual presentation of your small business through the Sellsy Invoicing software is convenient and helps prevent invoicing and payment problems. For accounting, however, it’s no QuickBooks Pro.

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Give a PayTech representative a call for more tips and technology for your small business! If you have any other additions to our best accounting technology list, comment below! (602) 900-8807