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Company culture matters. Without the right culture, you’ll find yourself losing the heart of your company as you grow. It can, however, be very difficult to figure out how to guide your company without the right company culture examples.

Company culture examples

If you’re not sure about how you can change your company’s culture, you might want to start by looking at a few successful company culture examples. No two of the companies below are the same, but they’ve all been lauded for having excellent cultures. Each of these companies will show you a different way to improve your own workplace, which in turn can help with your recruiting strategies.


Zappos is the company that revolutionized buying shoes online. One of the most popular and enduring shoe companies on the internet today, it’s also a company that’s well-known for its positive corporate culture.

Zappos company culture

Zappos has such a positive company culture that it actually works to help other companies improve their own cultures. The company puts a premium on positive values like creativity and cooperation, helping to ensure that everyone on the team gets a voice and that everyone is given a chance to shine.


company culture examples


Why people love working for Zappos

People love working for Zappos because the company really does provide on its missions statement of “delivering wow” even among its employees. Those who work for the company aren’t pigeon-holed into job-specific personas or roles, and are given a chance to work for a company that genuinely seems to believe in them. It’s the type of business for which those who want to stretch their creative muscles and do some good for others are really given the chance to shine.


REI is one of the best-known names in clothing and outdoor goods in the country. Famous not just among outdoor enthusiasts but also among those who are fans of cold-weather fashion, it’s also becoming one of the more popular names in casual outdoor wear as well. Though well-established, the company is still growing as more and more consumers find out about its top-notch collections of apparel and outdoor gear.

REI’s company culture

REI is an outdoor company that makes fantastic gear, and they go above and beyond to both spread the company’s love of its products and the related activities to its employees. This means not only making sure that employees can actually afford the goods that they sell, but also respecting work/life balance enough that employees can enjoy their lives off the clock.

Why people love working for REI

REI employees tend to love working for the company because the company respects them as individuals. Employes are actually expected to have a life outside of the stores and are given enough time off that they can live normal social lives. REI also provides fantastic employee discounts and access to employee-specific sales, which help many employees enjoy the products of which the company is so proud. If you’re looking for some company culture examples to help boost your employee retention, REI is a good place to get ideas from.


Starbucks is one of the biggest chains in the world, and a dominant force in the world of coffee. The chain may have come from humble beginnings in Washington, but it’s now present not only all across the United States – it’s also made significant inroads in many other countries. For many, Starbucks changed the way that coffee was viewed and consumed.

Starbucks’ company culture

Starbucks has always made a point of being an employee-first company. This doesn’t just mean that it works to pay its employees a fair wage, but also that it expects those in management to understand the people working for them. This means more managers on the floor, more executives who came up through the ranks, and more focus on what the company can do to live up to its own stated values.

Why people love working for Starbucks

As far as company culture examples go, Starbucks is an incredibly inclusive company.  They work to ensure that employees from all walks of life feel valued within its stores. Starbucks can provide a safe haven for employees, a place where they can feel valued and appreciated. Starbucks has also undertaken several initiatives to help employees improve their own lives, including college scholarships to help some of its employees attend college or pursue further degrees.


company culture examples



If you are involved in the business of social media, you’re already familiar with Buffer. A fantastic service that allows users to better schedule and understand how their social media accounts impact their customers, it’s a must-use tool for anyone who is coordinating a modern online campaign. Like many relatively young companies, Buffer has put a great deal of work into developing a positive work environment.

Buffer’s company culture

Buffer’s primary goal is to maximize positivity and happiness – something that likely seemed easier to accomplish when the company was composed of just seven people. With that said, the company continues to push this as their primary narrative, both for its customers and its employees.

Why people love working for Buffer

People love working for Buffer because it is a positive company that values its employees distinct characters. Employees are given room to grow within the framework of the business, while still being able to contribute on a group level. For many, it’s the perfect place to perfect their skills and grow into bigger corporate roles.

Make a Wish Arizona

Make-A-Wish Arizona is a charitable company dedicated to helping children with life-altering conditions find a few moments of happiness in what can otherwise be a very difficult life. The Arizona branch of the foundation helps out many individuals across its service areas, helping to leverage local resources and its international reputation to allow its beneficiaries the chance to experience once-in-a-lifetime trips and opportunities.

Make a Wish Arizona’s company culture

The company’s culture can most easily be seen in its values. Not only does it put children first, but it does so in a way that encourages integrity and imagination. Make a Wish Arizona has become a place that values the work of employees who want to make the world a better place.


company culture examples


Why people love working for Make a Wish Arizona

People love working for this organization because they feel like they are making a difference. Every bit of work goes towards helping children, a tangible result that keeps employees motivated. Those who want to give back to the community can find quite a bit of motivation here.

Each of these companies has a special culture. If you’re looking to improve that of your own organization, these are all company culture examples that can be replicated with just a bit of work. So, are you ready to take the first step in not only making your company a success, but to gain and influence employees to do the same? PayTech is here to help businesses of all sizes by reducing inefficiencies in core business functions like Payroll, HR, and Accounting.

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