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Dear Sally: HR and Time Management


Do you ever have those days where you feel like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? I sure do. At PayTech, we strive to make the most of our time (and our client’s time) every day. You wrote, I replied. Here are some situations involving HR and Time Management that your office might not be answering for you!

HR and Time Management Questions

Dear Sally from PayTech,

During my breaks at work, I often go on Facebook to catch up with my out of state friends or browse eBay for shoes (who doesn’t need more shoes, right). I log off, however, after my break is finished. I am worried I’ll get caught and won’t be able to defend my action. Am I committing time theft?


Dear Wanda,

Every workplace is different! Some block those kind of time wasting sites from their computers or monitor the internet usage of their employees when using company property (which is allowed). Internet time theft is the most common kind of time theft because it is the easiest to commit and to get away with. If you are using your allotted break time only for chatting and shopping, you should be fine! I would ask a supervisor about your particular concern, however.

Fellow shoe-fanatic,



Dear Sally from PayTech,

In my company, there are several of us employees who all do similar tasks every day. I am starting to notice a lot of overlap with what is getting done as projects are being submitted twice or two people are unknowingly working on the same thing. This is a waste of my time and the company’s time, but I’m not sure what to do. Do you have any tips?


Dear Jason,

The best kinds of employees are the ones who make good use of their time. Your desire to pursue time management in the workplace is great! I would recommend talking to your HR rep or your manager about the lapse in organization and communication within your department- instead of fixing it yourself. It might be useful to use a time and project management software for your team! Give a PayTech professional time manager a quick call to find out more about what makes our workplace flow.

Tick tock,



Dear Sally from PayTech,

I own a small chain of bakeries that are rapidly growing! I have a team of people helping me with the administrative work, but the group lacks organization and time management I barely have time to keep track of it all without losing my grasp on reality (and the clock). SOS!


Dear Courtney,

If your team hasn’t already, make sure all of them have a unified, organized email and online document folder(s). The project management team at PayTech swears by email organization for making a business work well. As your company grows, you will want to invest in a project management software or outsource a lot of your busy paperwork to the professional accounting and time management wizards over here at PayTech.

Bake on,

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