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Dear Sally: HR Services and Employee Insurance


Heeeeeeere’s Sally. I may not be Johnny Carson or Jack Nicholson, but I do know a thing or two about HR Services and Employee Insurance. You all have had some questions for me, and today I’m back to answer them!

HR Services & Employee Insurance Questions

Dear Sally from PayTech,

Just about every Monday morning, the same coworker comes to me and talks negatively about our company while we drink our coffee. Normally I wouldn’t make a big deal about it but it’s getting a little excessive… How should I handle this situation?

– Jackie

Dear Jackie,

These types of situations can be difficult. If your coworker’s attitude is affecting the way you work, then you may need to take action, such as trying to stay away from them. On the other hand, sometimes that coworker may just need to get their feelings off of their chest and then they will be fine. If it’s only on Monday’s that this coworker comes to you, then my suggestion is the latter. Just listen and try to remind them of how blessed they are to be working.

Good luck,



Dear Sally from PayTech,

My company offers several benefits packages, and I’m not sure which would be better for my family and I. Is there a good way to know what type of policies to go with?

– Kyle

Dear Kyle,

When looking at benefits packages, there are a few things that all employers are required to give. Things such as giving time off to vote, meeting workers compensation requirements, and complying with the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). There are other benefits that not all packages include that you should be looking for especially if you have a family. Those benefits include retirement plans, health plans, dental or vision plans, life insurance plans, and paid vacations, holidays, or sick leave. If you can get all of those options in a package then you’re pretty set. If you’re concerned that your company doesn’t offer those types of benefits, then it might be time to consider finding a place that does.

Fellow family woman,


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