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Dear Sally: HR Services for Payroll


Sally here. Today I am perched at a coffee shop with my laptop going through your questions! (If you have any question regarding HR, Payroll, and Accounting issues and services, write on our Facebook wall to be featured!) This week, I am featuring questions about HR Services for Payroll, which includes anything from time management to money saving tips.

Dear Sally from PayTech,

My office is going through a lot of re-staffing and renovations, so everything is understandably hectic! I have always received a stable and steady paycheck in my six years working here, but this quarter management has been changing around the payday dates! I have rent and bills to pay that are on a schedule. Does my employer have to tell me when paydays are? And do these days have to be consistent?


Dear Trevor,

Your employer is required to tell you (through a posted listing, private email, or written letter) when and how you will receive your paycheck each time it’s due! Most positions (except overtime, certain administrative or executive employees, or unions) should receive paychecks twice a month. Here’s an example. Say you are paid every two weeks, then your regular hours during the pay period must be paid on the check for that period. However, your overtime hours for that period must be paid by the following check. HR Services for Payroll can be tricky though so get in touch with a PayTech rep for more specifics!

Good luck,


Dear Sally from PayTech,

I’m so frustrated because a coworker who is only an Assistant (I’m an Associate) mentioned that he makes more than I do, even though I have been here longer and have more experience. We were hired by the same person. I’m due for a raise anyways, but this is still a huge disadvantage. Who do I talk to about this in my office?


Dear Marlie,

I’m sorry you’re frustrated! Salaries in the workplace often exist to make things fair, so it is always disheartening to find out your situation isn’t. Unfortunately, many salary levels for new hires are due to market forces, salary negotiations, and other influences. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, prepare a documented argument and speak with your HR rep. They will probably try to help you! If you want more support for your position, get in touch with HR Services for Payroll from PayTech.

Bon voyage,


Dear Sally from PayTech,

My coworkers and I get along very well. At a company lunch, several of us discusses our compensations with each other. Later that week, our manager had a meeting where he demanded that we not talk about payroll with coworkers. Are we legally not allowed to talk about payroll with coworkers?


Dear Tim,

As an HR expert, I understand where your manager is coming from. They are trying to maintain a non-competitive environment within a competitive salary-situation. However, legally they cannot prohibit you and your coworkers from discussing your salaries with one another. According to the National Labor Relations Act, you have the right to engage in concerted activity for mutual aid or protection and organize a union to negotiate with employers concerning wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment.

Keepin’ the peace,


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