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Dear Sally: Q & A for HR Services in a Small Business


Our resident accounting and HR wizard, Sally, has started an open forum question and answer blog series to provide advice for all of your HR services in a small business needs! If you have a question you would like answered anonymously, send us an email or write on our Facebook page!

Dear Sally from PayTech,

I have a coworker who openly bad mouths our boss and the company, but they are nice to me. The negativity makes me uncomfortable, and I don’t want others to think I’m fine with it. How do I deal with a coworker who is negative and aggressive?


Dear Amy,

Certain people just exude negativity! This can make the workplace an uncomfortable place to be for everyone around them. Remember to stay positive and try to avoid them or at least negative conversations with them as much as possible. Talk to your HR representative or a PayTech professional to make sure their complaints are heard, but your problem is presented. HR services in a small business are supposed to offer advice to you and even speak with your coworker about their attitude and professionalism. Always remember to know your limits with coworkers!

Keep smiling,


Dear Sally from PayTech,

My office is in the process of hiring new employees for some of our entry level positions (below mine). I find that I often am stuck training these new team members and answering questions that aren’t my job to answer. Should I be helping them? Or should I refer them elsewhere?



Dear Steve,

Be careful when sharing information with new coworkers! Sometimes you are not qualified to give answers to some questions or be an authority figure. You want to always maintain a boundary with coworkers. HR services in a small business are required to train and answer new employees questions. While the employee is responsible for some of their training in that they should learn and read all required material, outside questions should be answered by a central department/person so that no false information gets spread around the office. Politely direct them to the right authority instead of tackling their problems and questions yourself.

Stay strong,


Dear Sally from PayTech,

Our company is renovating our interior offices and the kitchen area. I have major allergies to dust, so all of the construction has caused discomfort and illness for months! I am sick of it- pun intended!! Is there something that my HR department or boss is responsible for to help me?



Dear Gina,

Your company is required to provide a safe space for the work to be completed. In addition, they have to keep a record of health and safety details for their employees. I would voice your concerns to HR or to your boss. It is the legal responsibility of HR services in a small business to make sure that their full-time employees are safe and healthy. Call a PayTech HR professional if you need more help or have other questions!

Best of health,

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