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Don’t be THAT Guy in the Office (a.k.a. The HR Nightmare)


We all know him or her; they inhabit almost every office. There is always the Woman Who Doesn’t Shower or the Guy Who Eats Everything In the Fridge or The Perpetual Burnt Microwave Popcorn Dude. These types of coworkers are either the most entertaining part or the most annoying part of our weekdays. But, have you ever thought about the possibility that you, in fact, might be one of those people? (The horror!)

NBCs The Office (2005-2013) did tribute to these classic office tropes through every character on the show. While we love the whole crew, it is Dwight K. Schrute who has a special place in the heart of PayTech’s HR team. He is an absolute HR nightmare- from inappropriate body exposure to weapons in his desk drawers (and behind the cooler) (and in the ceiling panels) (and in the backing of the women’s restroom toilet).


Photo: nj.com.

While Dwight really takes the cake in the usual HR lineup, here are some of our other favorite (or not-so-favorite) office types:

Stiletto Lady (a.k.a. The Clacker). While she may be the glam queen of the office, her apparel often gets in the way of other people’s work (by means of distraction). There is certain business etiquette attire that she slightly misses with her six-inch heels. No worries though, a quick chat with our HR reps, and our stylish office maven will be back in action (without the potential harassment liability).

The TMI Guy. We would say to steer clear of TMI Guy, but given his nature, that might be impossible. He will find you. Whether its forgetting his library voice while taking a personal call at his desk or standing by the water cooler waiting for his next victim to pour his stories onto, this chatty co-worker uses his words to inadvertently break basic HR rules. Since he is a talker, and we are talkers, our conversation about office courtesy and the less is more rule when it comes to personal information should go over smoothly.

Inappropriate Emailer. Any time, any where. The Inappropriate Emailer oftens forgets that they are no long in the sixth grade and may or may not send crude humor, images, or just flat out weird emails to the staff. We are all about personal style and fun, but leave the Memes to your personal email and the sparkly italics to your twelve year old…

Here’s the truth: your small business is going to hit speed bumps at some point amongst your employees and clients. There are varying degrees of urgency and frequency for HR needs depending on the company and the situation- we get it. That’s why PayTech is only there when you need us. We are always a part of your company’s culture, but only show up to deliver the harsh news and do the dirty work when you need us. Our certified HR professionals work hard to reduce your overall costs, protect your business from lawsuits, and improve the day-to-day lives of your employees. Make an appointment today to get your office under control (and improve their benefits at the same time). Unlike the awful Toby Flenderson, you won’t even know we’re there until crisis arises! (Just call us HR Superheroes.) 602.900.8807 or info@PayTech.com