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Email Security Are you at RISK?


Better safe than sorry As we rely more and more on sending/receiving both general and sensitive emails, it is very important to remember the key to maintaining email security and privacy is encrypting your documents. From the time it is composed to the time it is read, email travels along a mostly unprotected internet, perpetually exposed to electronic dangers.  Here are few ways you can protect yourself, your company, and everyone you do business with:

Use every form of encryption available to secure attachments. Many programs, including Excel, Word, and Adobe Acrobat, have built-in security options to protect sensitive information.

Don’t forget about the telephone! When you need to relay password and personal information (such as your social security number) place a quick call instead of emailing this information unsecured.phoenix paytech email_security

Implement and follow a company-wide email security policy. As with all policies, there needs to be clear communication of the policy to all staff.  Strict guidelines and training will insure that everyone knows what documents need to be secured and how to secure them.

Make sure passwords are kept confidential. Build a strong password by including case sensitive letters, numbers, and characters. Don’t use the same password for multiple clients.

Always perform your software and browser program updates right away. Before you update, make sure it is a verified, trusted website. Updates often include security-related fixes.

At PayTech, we are concerned about your security and hope you find these tips helpful in keeping your business risk free!