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Ever played two truths and a lie?

1. We are QuickBooks experts. Numbers are life.

2. PayTech offers three bundles packages, but you can choose services a la carte too.

3. We have an in-office turtle called Sir Lente.

Okay, fine. We are terrible liars (even though a regal turtle would indeed be life-changing). In our defense, we are devoted to building a trust-based organization that cultivates relationships both within our company and comes alongside our clients to create organized, trust-based businesses. It’s all about the long term relationships that you foster within and out of your organization, not the short term gain. Leadership requires trusted advising. PayTech services include both the sage counsel and discretion that any business owner looks for in a trusted advisor and the actual Trusted Advisor software program.

Above all else a Trusted Advisor’s core is communication. A communicator is a leader, a messenger, and ultimately gets things done. Wasting time isn’t in our business-equation. What makes PayTech different from other accounting, tax, and business advising firms is that while we are number-nerds, we are also socially driven. Our team gets to know the internal functions of your business; we get up close and personal in order to help you streamline your day-to-day and create an attainable vision for the future. We understand you want to cut the bologna so we keep things straightforward: if you want each aspect of your business to have customized function with an on-call Trusted Advisor, you know what to do.

Trusted Advisor acts like a custom expert with its own storage and resources to create a personal environment for every aspect of your business. The program inspects each aspect of your online programs and bookkeeping searching for the best way to cut costs, streamline products, and improve your system performance- with whatever your business wants to do! Within PayTech’s services, this program combines with QuickBooks to reenvision your company without months and months of paperwork and restructuring. There are several different pricing packages, Competitive, Complete, and Custom, that are all excellent resources for you business. If you would like to learn more about our Flat Rate, Fixed Fee Accounting and Tax plan or our a-la-carte services, click here (or give us a phone call to get straight to the point).

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