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Get Money, Get Paid: Payroll Services


You probably learned around the age 15 that everything you get, ya gotta work hard for it. There is a moment about two weeks into that first paid-by-the-hour job that we all realize life is expensive (and our 15 year old selves don’t have a very high hour to dollar ratio). But all that matters is that, whatever the amount, the check comes in on time. At PayTech, we follow the gospel of Biggie and believe that if your work has deadlines, your paycheck better have them too. No matter who you talk to, getting paid on time is a BIG deal.

How does Payroll work?

After you hire that first worker, Payroll becomes a necessary and organized documentation of the workers and work that is done within your company. You have a responsibility to pay an agreed-upon amount each pay day. It may seem like a simple task from the worker’s perspective, but it is actually a complicated process. There are many steps before the signed check gets to their hands. As an employer, you have to match up your accounting books with each check, adhere to the proper taxes and insurance laws, as well as meet each deadline that comes up. All of this can take a lot of time away from a small-business owner’s focus on the future. Its a delicate process that you should trust to the professionals.

The PayTech Paycheck Process

Say that ten times fast. Our process keeps the objective in mind. Always. We aim to reduce the complexity and risk of handling your own books and accounting, regardless of the size of your payroll. The peace of mind of knowing your employees are paid in full and paid on time makes for a happy boss (and a happy company). With PayTech in the background organizing and working with your financial department to make sure paychecks go out smoothly, you are free to focus on more important money-generating strategies. After all, money that is outside of your company is way more exciting that money that is within.

What’re the advantages?

Let’s get down to the details. Our Payroll services come as a part of the whole package (accounting, taxes, HR). We offer expert solutions for payroll management, tax calculation, and HR support. The resources we provide are flexible enough to support a company of 25 or one of 500 employees. Plus, all our work is digital, which means less distribution costs for you and a convenient paperless payroll that provides automatic reports with PayChoice online. It’s all about time and labor management!

Get in touch with a PayTech professional today to get your Payroll on track. It really is that easy…and if you didn’t know, now you know. Check out our Accounting, Tax, and HR Support services for more information (if you’re not convinced yet).