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Your company is important, so it’s imperative that you hire a staffing agency that will care for your needs. We’ll outline the process of hiring a temp agency and tips to vet out the good from the bad.

Hiring a Staffing Agency

  1. Determine the positions you need to fill.

A temp agency may fit your needs if you’re not ready to commit to a full time employee. You can hire long term and short term help. A short term employee may fit the bill if you need to fill in for an employee going on vacation, where as a long term employee may be useful for a special project.

  1. Choose the right agency.

Temp agencies typically specialize in a field of work. Some may have more day laborers, other may attract clerical or technology-skilled employees. Ask the temp agency rep what they specialize in and select accordingly.

  1. Ask the agency how their process works.

Each staffing agency is a little different and you’ll need one that fits your needs. Do they prefer a phone call or e-mail when you need a temporary employee? How quickly can you get an employee? What happens if the employee doesn’t show up?

  1. Ask for references

Ask the staffing agency for references from their clients. Find out if other companies were satisfied with the temporary employees they received. Also, check yelp for employee comments or simply  use a search engine to find reviews on the company – enter the company name and “review” afterward. Ex: Johnson Temp Agency Reviews.

Working with Temp Agency Employees

staffing temp agency

Working with temp agencies employees can have its pros and cons. Your liability is less and you’ll get the help you need, but you may not have a worker that is as vested in the project as a full time employee. In order to get the most out of a temp employee follow these tips:

  1. Assume the Best

Temp workers sometimes have a connotation of low-skill individuals, but the recent economic shift has propelled a new type of individual into the temp marketplace. Everything from administrative to human resource professionals, customer service representatives, and construction laborers to administrative assistants, bookkeepers, and registered nurses can be hired from a temp agency. So, when your temporary employee shows up, do them the courtesy of assuming they have the skills and talents you need to help out.

  1. Set Guidelines

To ensure you’re satisfied with your temp service, have a list of expectations ready. Do you require uniforms? Are you flexible with hours? What time is lunch? Try not to overwhelm your new employee with too many rules. You want them to be comfortable enough to work effectively, but you want to have enough guidelines that they fit into the culture of your company.

  1. Have a Plan

In the same way that you set out expectations for culture, have a list of “to dos that you want your temporary employees to achieve. List them from most important to least important so that you are both clear on where he or she should spend most of his or her time. Also, make a plan to check in when a task is completed. This will give you the opportunity to review the project and give guidance on the next one.

  1. Set a Trial Period

No one has more passion about your business than you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find people that aren’t hard workers. Set a trial period for your temp worker to see if they have the skills and passion to cut the mustard at your business. For short term employees, you might give 3 days, while long term employee might get a week. Be sure to discuss your trial period with the temp agency as well.

Your business is invaluable. You pour you heart, sweat, and tears into the daily grind and you deserve to have quality help when you’re paying for it. A temp agency can help you find the right skilled worked who will bring passion and expertise to your company. But, be sure that you’re hiring the right temp agency to get the job done. Don’t sell yourself short. Taking time to find the right company will pay dividends when you have high quality workers at you side.

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