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Ah, April. The sun’s out, the flowers are blooming, and the taxman is knocking. Although the due date has already passed, this year’s tax filing might have made you realize that maaaaaaybe you could keep your business’s finances and records more organized. If you want an accounting solution that is simple, secure, and easy to use, we swear by Quickbooks. It’s an online accounting software that has a wide array of financial tools and accounting techniques. (Check out our blog where we gush about the awesome details in the software.) While it is arguably the best thing that will ever happen to your small business, we admit that is can be confusing to get started. PayTech is here to clear up any questions about Quickbooks!

Here are the Quickbooks steps to get started:

  1. Call your accountant. Before moving your finances to the software, you should discuss your options with a professional. There is a ProAdvisor software that they can match to sync up with your accounts to help manage and advise. Your accountant nervous about the new technology? You’re in luck, PayTech’s team of accountants are all ProAdvisors and can aid you with any aspect of Quickbooks (and even take care of the tedious initial transfer for you).
  2. Learn the basics. Once you get the program up, select the Getting Started option under the Home tab. Even if you’re a number person, check out the options available on the program. You can go from zero to expert in a day!
  3. Security above all else. Under Your Account in the upper right hand corner, make sure your passwords and usernames are all secure (the more complicated the better). Quickbooks is a highly secure site, but you will want to make sure your online banking IDs and other information. We recommend changing these numbers and passwords every quarter.
  4. Set your preferences. Under Company Preferences and Customer, enter all the details of your business from financial numbers to location and then the details of your clients (their address, preferred payment method, etc). This is the part that we can help you with! Our Quickbooks experts have your back with all the nitty-gritty details.
  5. Track that money flow. Under the Banking tab, you can track all your expenses (and even write checks directly from Quickbooks!). Here’s the part where our ProAdvisor team steps in. We help you focus on the basic ways your money will be tracked during each quarter, connecting necessary accounts to the right section of the program. You’ll want to do a couple trial runs to make sure everything runs smoothly.

There are many more details to running the program and using all the possible aspects of Quickbooks! But once the basics are down, our team helps you with invoicing, sales tracking, expense monitoring, and profit projections! There are tons of Apps that you can add on (under the Center tab) to help other aspects of your business.

As always, we are here when you need us. 602.900.8807


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