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Human Resources has become less and less manageable if you want to do it internally, especially if you are a small business. It used to be just hiring, firing, and payroll but with added responsibilities such as the FMLA, ADA, and Obamacare, it‘s not such a walk in the park. PayTech is a solution to that problem. Our business is Human Resources, Payroll, and Accounting. Today we are here to tell you when it is best for you to outsource HR services.

HR Small Business Solutions

The Survey Says…

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) conducted a survey of hundreds of companies about their outsourcing habits and here’s what they found are the six most common reasons that companies outsource:

Saving Money

Just over a quarter of these companies outsourced services to save money. If you are spending too much internally on HR, it may be a good time to consider outsourcing these services. Why not save a little money where you can?

Focus on Strategy

Twenty-three percent of these companies wanted to outsource HR so they could focus on strategy. It can be difficult for small businesses to plan ahead for the business and also deal with all the minute details that Human Resources brings. Saving time can be as important as saving money.

Improve Compliance

Over a fifth of these companies outsourced to improve compliance within the business. It has been ever increasing to stay in compliance and it can be risky to handle. It makes sense to outsource in this situation so the risk is taken from your hands completely.

Improve Accuracy

Some companies, about eighteen percent, outsourced simply to improve the accuracy of their Human Resources. If there is too much to deal with on occasion, sometimes accuracy slips through the cracks. Nobody wants inaccurate internal problems.

Lack of Experience

Another eighteen percent of these businesses outsourced because they simply didn’t have experience in that area. If you don’t have people who know what they are doing, HR is not something you want to throw in their face. Handing this off to the experts is a good idea in this situation.

Technological Advances

As our society becomes more and more tech savvy, our businesses have done so as well. An additional eighteen percent of these businesses outsourced HR because they wanted take advantage of technology.

PayTech: Your Small Business HR Solution

Here at PayTech we want to be your small business HR solution. At every turn your business is competing for the best resources, customers, and employees. Attracting and keeping a top notch team is critical to your company’s success. Partnering with PayTech gives you the edge over your competition. With services in Payroll, HR, and Accounting, we will tend to your every need. Check out our pricing and packages or visit our Contact page for more!


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