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Now that we have officially hit October, it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to wear as a costume this year. If you have an office Halloween party coming up and you’re concerned that the costume you picked for your party this weekend is a little too, how should we put it, risque, then you’re probably right. In the spirit of the season, we wanted to show you a few things that you probably shouldn’t wear to your office party (to keep your boss and your HR rep happy).

Most Inappropriate Office Halloween Costumes:


office halloween costumesPregnant School Girl Costume

While it is rather comical and could get a laugh or two, we don’t recommend wearing something like this to an office party. It could come off as offensive or just un-tasteful. There is no reason to get into trouble if you don’t have to. If you want to wear this to your own party, go for it. You just might want to wait until your boss isn’t around…






office halloween costumesSexy Cop Costume

What you do in your personal time is none of our business. Most offices would just prefer that you keep that kind of thing away from work. The sexy cop costume is, first of all, very unoriginal, and secondly, very inappropriate. Matter of fact, any sexy version of otherwise normal occupations should just be a big no-no.






office halloween costumesKing Leonidas Costume

Hey, we love 300 too. Leonidas is probably one of the toughest characters in any movie in the last decade. It’s just that anytime your costume doesn’t require pants, you’ve probably got the wrong idea. Maybe wait to show off those awesome quads when you’re not surrounded by coworkers.






office halloween costumesPlug & Socket Costume

If you are bringing your spouse or significant other to the office party, we would recommend staying away from this one. It’s funny (kind-of), but not worth it. Keep the couple’s costumes PG and avoid the innuendos.  


Keep HR Happy

Let the festivities begin! We love the holiday season. However, we’re also big fans of keeping your HR department happy. If you want to chat about what type of services we offer, outside of our awesome advice on costumes, give us a call at (602) 900-8807 or visit our Contact page.


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