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When looking at common interview questions for managers to ask during the interview process, we find the same tired, run of the mill questions. “What’s your greatest weakness?” “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Candidates know to expect these questions, and usually hiring professionals get canned answers that are just as bleak as the questions themselves.

Interview Questions for Managers Should be Unique

Many of the tried-and-true questions out there no longer fit the bill. So, you need to assemble a team? You need to be sure you have the right person for the job? Questions that emphasize personality, culture, and soft skills (a set of intangible personal skills that can’t be taught) can help you determine you have the best fit.

Valuable Interview Questions

These are the best interview questions for managers that will give you thorough information about your applicants:

1. Why shouldn’t we hire you?

A great twist on “what’s your greatest weakness?” The way an applicant answers this question demonstrates self-awareness, integrity, humility and transparency.

2. What does a company owe it’s employees?

Just as you have expectations of the interviewee, they have expectations from the company. You receive insight about what they hope to gain from the job and the company and on what job seekers want and how you can “sell” your company/brand on the job market going forward.

3. What motivates you, a drive to succeed or the fear of failure?

In this case, there is no right or wrong answer. This is a useful tool to gauge what motivates an individual and what they use to foster ambition.

4. If we hired you, what do you think would be a reason you wouldn’t stay in this position?

This is another dual use question. The applicant’s response gives insight into their ability to compromise and what conflicts they see as not being able to work through. Their answer may also inform you on how job seekers see your company and how you can position yourselves as an employer of choice.

5. If your best friend were sitting here, how would they describe you?

The purpose of this question is to assess a candidate’s sense of honesty and self-awareness. Learning what makes them a good friend can help you get a good grip on whether their values are a good fit with the company culture.

6. What does failure mean to you?

This question gives you a look inside the applicant’s critical thinking, and whether they view failure as a lack of success or something else entirely.

7. What sorts of trends do you think affect our business?

A question like this enhances your ability to gauge the interviewee’s level of awareness of industry trends and applicable industry knowledge.

8. What was your proudest moment?

What makes someone proud is a firsthand indicator of their values and belief systems. What do they hold in high esteem?

9. What is your definition of success?

The answer you receive lets you know how the applicant measures the accomplishments of themselves as well as those of others, what goals they have and their ability to see value in achievements.

10. What didn’t you have a chance to include in your resume?

Although this is general, it is an important question for managers to ask. The interviewee’s response can tell you a lot about what they think are important qualities, and what they can contribute to the company.

Beyond the Interview

As a manager, hiring employees can be one of the most important, and most rewarding, things you do for your business. With so many workers out there, each with their own set of skills and experiences, sometimes it’s hard to know if you’ve gotten just the right individual for the job. The interview process can give the right people to build your team, if you have a good list of interview questions for managers to ask. There is so much work involved in personnel management, before and after. Job listings, recruitment, background checks, drug screenings. PayTech is expertly skilled to provide the guidance you need in hiring and retaining employees. Our award-winning HR services take care of everything from job descriptions to unemployment claims, so you can focus on running your business. To improve your hiring efficiency and get a free consultation contact us at (602) 900-8807.



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