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Money. Money. Money. Everyone is motivated by money, right? Well, on some level we may be, but according to a study by the Dale Carnegie Training group, 80% of employees who are dissatisfied with their direct supervisor are the ones that are disengaged. You’ve probably heard it said the people leave managers, not companies. Well, with these simple tips you can re-engage with your team members. Motivate employees by using these suggestions and you’re bound to see a positive turn in your culture, productivity, and bottom line, all without giving them a raise.

1. To Motivate Employees, Spend Time With Them

motivate employeesOne of the best ways to motivate employees is to build relationships with them. Find out what makes them tick, what gets them out of bed in the morning. What are their goals, their dream, their perfect job? What are their spouses’ names, their kids’ names? We’re not suggesting that you need to know every intricacy about their life, but certainly, you should know them beyond what cubical they sit in.

As you get to know your employees you will be able to identify their strengths and place them appropriately into your organization. Put yourself in their shoes, if you love talking with people, but you’re stuck in the back kitchen all day, you might be prone to look for a job that is more “fun”. But if you get to greet guests at the front door, you might love your job because you get to meet new people every day. You get to use your skills and your interests to help the company – and that is a win for everybody.

2. Talk Business With Them

This tip taps into everyone’s need to feel important. Set aside time (and patience) to talk business with your employees. Don’t talk at them, talk with them. Teach them how certain things work in the business like how you calculate prices, what your overhead costs are, where you order products, etc. You don’t need to spill the bean on confidential information, but teach your employees how the business works.

Then ask employees if they have any suggestions that would make the business better. You’d be surprised at the feedback you’ll receive. You can even guide the conversation with questions like these: “Does anyone have any suggestions of how we can cut costs without compromising quality? Any ideas on improving our customer service? Any thoughts on how we can attract more customers?”

Including employees in these types of conversations yields a sense of buy-in. Employees feel respected as well as trusted to make significant (albeit small at times) contributions to the company and a significant employee is a motivated employee.

3. Give Them Food

motivate employeesFood is the great unifier. We all eat – in some form or another – and we all enjoy a treat. A fast growing  trend amid new companies  is stocked kitchens and refrigerators.

Don’t have the facility or the cash? Try taking in snacks once in awhile or splurging on lunch for the office.  Start a Wednesday snack break where everyone takes a 10-minute break at the same time to enjoy a tasty morsel. It doesn’t have to be expensive; you could initiate a schedule where someone different brings the snack each week. You’ll be surprised at the comradery that this build among your team.

4. Utilize Time Off

Time off is a HUGE tool to motivate employees.  We’re not talking give everyone an extra week vacation. We’re suggesting smaller gestures like 30 minutes off or an hour.  Employees can come in late, leave early, or take a long lunch. You can even implement fun competitions to award the time-off incentive.

5. Award Awards

Speaking of awards, employees, especially millennials love awards. In fact, a recent study  shows that feeling encouraged and recognized is the third highest ingredient to motivate employees. Call out great accomplishments from team members during the weekly meeting. Have employees nominate their co-workers for awards. And don’t forget simple things like a handwritten note from the boss.

6. Nice Digs

motivate employeesCold office. Hard chairs. No windows. No music. No plants. Sounds like the kind of place you want to work right? NO!  Numerous studies have shown that quality matters in a person’s surroundings. Comfortable chairs, sufficient office supplies, nice aromas, and pleasant decor can drastically improve your employees’ productivity levels and overall morale. Consider investing in a few changes that will give your employees a space that your grandmother would be comfortable in. If Grandma thinks it looks like a jail cell, your employees will too.

There’s no one right way to motivate employees, but putting several of these tips into practice is sure to boost, if not skyrocket your workplace satisfaction. Your team wants to you know and they want you to know them. They need to be heard and recognized for their contributions to the organization. The bottom line is, would you want to work for you? Put yourself in the shoes of your team. What would you change? Do that!

For more ways to motivate employees specific to your company, call one of our experts at Our friendly and experienced HR representatives can walk you through the ins-and-outs of employee appreciation, retention, and motivation. Check us out.


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