Marla Hazelton, Office Manager


Marla Hazelton an experienced expert in completing what needs to get done in a quick and efficient manner. As an active Office Manager for PayTech, she is involved with tax returns, incorporations, sales tax, payables, receivables and payroll tax payments.

Before she began working at PayTech in 1995, Marla was an at-home bookkeeper handling the receivables, payables & payroll taxes for a thoroughbred racing stable and later for a lawn service business. Her family opened a horse tack supply business on the grounds of Turf Paradise. Her duties were expanded beyond the receivables, payables, and payroll taxes to include inventory purchasing, sales tax reports, and working the front sales counter. After 14 years of business, they sold the tack shop and Marla began working at PayTech. It’s easy to see why Marla is extremely qualified when it comes to managing her various duties.

Over the years she has continued to enroll in classes at local colleges to further educate herself in accounting, shorthand, computer classes, and payroll and human resources classes. She especially enjoyed taking some fun classes in her free time as well, such as knitting and cake decorating and has made some pretty outstanding wedding cakes. Currently, Marla loves to spend time with her family, especially during their ‘Taco Tuesday’ nights along with card making, playing cards with friends, and engaging in photography classes to take pictures of her family.

Aside from work and family life, Marla has been a consistent volunteer at a local charter school for the past 18 years, and in recent years, she has also started volunteering at the yearly 4-H/Maricopa County Fair.