Rene Brofft, Owner


Rene Brofft

...has not only lived in Arizona most of her life, but has also had a great deal of experience in management for many years now. After graduating from Thunderbird High School and eventually Northern Arizona University in 1990, Rene began growing her business career by working at Dillard’s Department stores as an area manager and associate for 2 years. She ultimately was promoted to becoming a buyer of men’s and women’s athletic shoes as well as children’s shoes, overseeing 13 million dollars in purchases for her area per year.

This position lasted 5 years and helped her attain the skills of negotiating, analyzing, and making smart deals that would benefit her company. By being in charge of the product inventory and its direct relationship to consumers, Rene came to understand how important understanding your client is in business. These are techniques and ideals that she took to new business opportunities later on.


After moving on from Dillard’s in 1997, Rene put her expertise to a different use when she came to work in her family business, PayTech, to help grow the payroll company in it’s earlier days of development. Having been a family-owned company since 1979, there were no second thoughts for Rene when it came to taking over and helping the company thrive.

Now as the current owner of PayTech, Rene has proven that she is capable of handling all kinds of responsibilities. She not only runs her company but is also committed to her husband and two sons who are 13 and 16. Not to mention that she leads the process of helping other companies get a better handle on their own business by offering accounting, payroll, and HR assistance. Finding balance in home life and at work is no easy task, but Rene has managed to do so for the past 19 years, and quite successfully at that!