Richard Humphrey, Founder, and Owner


Richard Humphrey

In 1979, Richard “Dick” Humphrey took on a serious commitment to help business owners run their business as smoothly as possible. By founding PayTech, Dick began the meaningful journey of making payroll and HR solutions straightforward, manageable, and affordable for all companies. He has also worked hard to develop an accounting team with the mission to accurately report financial transactions and provide year-round business and personal tax services. With family and team members that share his passion in helping others, PayTech has become an exceptional resource for business solutions and support.

Fortunately, Dick has always been generous with his actions and time, including his past involvement as a controller of The Beatitudes Campus. The Beatitudes Campus is an all-inclusive, nonprofit ministry for retirement living. Their mindset to welcome people of all faiths, and emphasize the process of living rather than aging is something that Dick continues to admire. The values of this organization reflect the values that Dick still holds himself and his company to, to this date: compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence.

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Wyoming, PayTech’s success is no surprise. Dick has owned and operated a successful business for more than 38 years and has employed more than 20 people to join him on his mission to help other businesses. PayTech’s future continues to look bright with a team full of accountants, project managers, and other great collaborative minds working together to assist others.

Aside from his work life, Dick’s other achievements include having four children, ten grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. He is blessed with a wonderful family who shares his vision and helps him improve PayTech each and every day. When he’s not working, Dick splits his time between Flagstaff and Phoenix, enjoying the change of weather and scenery. His favorite pastime is golfing and spending time with the friends and family that he loves. Dick appreciates the healthy relationships that have helped him grow into the successful man he is today.