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Painless, Paperless, Payroll Software


Payroll. Having the wrong system in place can be a confusing, inefficient process for your business. Its important to have a solid, scale-able method so your employees can be paid accurately, on time, every time. After all, a paid employee, is a happy employee. It’s also crucial to use a paperless payroll system, so your office isn’t bogged down with unnecessary paperwork. Fortunately, PayTech offers a paperless payroll software called Online Employer.

Paperless Payroll Software and Much Much More:

We’ve created this infographic to outline the benefits of using Online Employer, a payroll software that’s not only easy to use, but loaded with options and customize-able features that allow your to store and track important employee information. For more information on how to set up your business with this exciting software, contact a PayTech representative @602.900.8807


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