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It’s the end of a pay period and it’s time to buckle down and get payroll taken care of for your small business. If only there was a way to pay your fine employees without taking so much time with all the paperwork. Oh wait, there is a way! One of the many products that PayTech offers is a paperless payroll system. Today we want to tell you the benefits of choosing paperless payroll for your small business!

Paperless Payroll Is a Good Thing

PayTech believes that is in the best interest of everyone to consider paperless options. Dealing with payroll is something you will continue to handle from the first paycheck you hand out. It also becomes more difficult as your business grows. Paperless options also offer many other benefits as well as making payroll management easy as pie.

Saving More Than Just Trees

Paperless payroll would benefits your business in costs. The price of paper is ever increasing and if your business could cut out a bunch of its paper use that comes from payroll, like cutting and mailing checks, filing government forms, and other related tasks that involve paper you could save a significant amount of time and money!

Five Benefits of Paperless Payroll for Employees

If your business goes with a paperless system, it is also beneficial for your employees. You have seen how it can benefit you and the HR staff but let’s check out how it benefits your employees:

  • No more waiting in line at the bank or ATM to deposit a check!
  • The issue of losing or misplacing the check becomes a non issue!
  • They no longer have to wait for funds to be available.
  • All of their pay stubs and pay information records will be online!
  • If they have the day off, they no longer have to come into work to get paid!

To go along with all of those great things, they can also rest assured that their pay will be accurate, on time, and reliable! They’ll never be overlooked due to overworked and understaffed payroll employees.

Save Time, Save Money, and Save Trees
If you are an entrepreneur who knows how to handle costs, optimize resources, and has a mind for the economy, going with paperless payroll is a perfect fit. PayTech is always here to help and we have some of the best payroll options out there! If you are looking to easily switch from paper to paperless, give the experts a shout at (602) 900-8807 or visit our Contact page! If you are already sold on the paperless idea and want to see about what else PayTech has to offer then visit our Pricing & Packages page!


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