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For any business, it is critical to have a reputable full-service payroll provider. Intuit’s QuickBooks is one of the most prominent brands in the industry, and for good reason. They have been reducing stress, helping business owners save money, and providing valuable resources to organizations for decades.

Your Quickbooks full-service payroll questions, answered.

Part of choosing a platform to integrate as your payroll solution is understanding what it has to offer and how it can benefit your small business payroll. That’s why we created this brief guide to help you decide whether QuickBooks is the right choice for your payroll needs.

What is QuickBooks full-service payroll? 

When most people think about payroll, they likely are only accounting for (pun intended) data entry and money distribution. However, there are many more facets to have an accurate, thorough, and compliant payroll process.

QuickBooks full-service payroll does the up-front payroll, printing, and distribution of checks/paystubs. The features that make it additionally valuable are the tax filing, tax payments, and automatic distribution of direct deposit.

Many manual processes or simple desktop software does not include these perks, meaning there has to be a separate process to accomplish these reports. This runs the risk of having data mismanaged along the way, leading to tax and legal headaches. Luckily, QuickBooks takes care of that worry!

full service payroll

What are the 3 QuickBooks online payroll offerings?

Intuit offers three different QuickBooks online payroll plans: Core, Premium, and Elite. The level of service varies in how much the platform will automatically take care of features past your payroll cycle.

The Core package has all the features necessary for running a full payroll cycle plus tax filings, payments, and direct deposit. It typically has a few different schedule options for payroll, and the tax filings must be manually triggered by the user, although the software will provide reminders.

Premium offers the same base options as Core, but allows for customized permissions, same-day direct deposit, and around the clock HR support from QBO specialists.

Finally, the Elite package comes with a professional payroll setup at purchase, geofencing for your clock-in/clock-out, and a personal HR advisor. Additionally, there is a tax penalty-free guarantee, which can be an immense value and stress reliever for large payroll operations.

How easy is QuickBooks payroll?

Well, in a word — easy! We’ve found that if you are organized in how you track and categorize hours (which most QuickBooks products can help you with), then all you have to do is plug your numbers in. One of the best features of QuickBooks Online is that it will remind you about every action needed, both in the payroll cycle and for your quarterly and yearly filings.

Additionally, their 24/7 support can help you with any questions you might have, and you can work from anywhere. This element is understated in how vital it might be, especially as many businesses work remotely right now — a desktop-based or manual software can only be accessed from a physical location. QuickBooks Online Payroll services have taken payroll worldwide.

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Does QuickBooks Plus include payroll?

While QuickBooks Plus has a bevy of useful services for small businesses, it does not include full-service payroll processing at its base price. You can upgrade it to include that, but you will ultimately be choosing from one of the Core, Premium, or Elite services.

This doesn’t mean there is nothing tied to payroll to help businesses using other services for processing. QuickBooks Plus includes labor cost and payroll tracking, so it can serve as the organization and export for another service you use.

That being said, we highly recommend keeping your payroll processing service under one software umbrella. It goes without saying that we recommend one of the QuickBooks Online offerings. The ability to have 24/7 customer support and HR who is familiar with every step of your process is extremely valuable.

Who can help me with other payroll services for small businesses?

While any of the QuickBooks Online Payroll offerings are great tools for a small business, they still require a good amount of accounting expertise and software familiarity. Additionally, many small businesses are at a size that doesn’t require a full accounting staff. This is where we recommend outsourcing your payroll to a local consultant.

At Paytech, we have specialized in full-service payroll interfacing and targeted payroll support for decades. Our team of consultants can help you take the stress of payroll out of your team’s hands from start-to-finish.

The benefits of outsourcing payroll have been proven to save time, money, and hours for the majority of small businesses that do so.

full service payroll

Need help with your small business payroll?

The Quickbooks Online suite of full-service payroll solutions is a wonderful way to keep your business organized and your employees happy. Any of the plans offer a high-quality service that will save you time, money, and stress. Additionally, you should strongly consider bolstering your payroll systems by outsourcing them to consultants. The quality assurance, legal services, and expertise alone are well worth the cost.

If you’d like to learn how Paytech can get you on the right path to full-service payroll via QuickBooks, please reach out today. We’d love to start a conversation about your future.


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