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Many small business owners know Quickbooks as an accounting software, but it can actually be utilized for so much more. Whether you need a better way to track time or an efficient way to run reports, this software can help you streamline your business processes and add more time back into your day. Use the following Quickbook tips to make work easier day in and day out.

Quickbooks tips you can’t (and shouldn’t) live without

No matter how familiar you already are with Quickbooks, there’s always a few new tricks and shortcuts you can learn to improve your productivity. The good news is that we compiled a lot of them for you right here. Whether you’re just getting started or are a long-time user, we’re sure you can learn something new to help you use the software more efficiently.

quickbooks tips

Tip # 1 Get your setup correct and customized

It’s so important when you first create your Quickbooks account that you set everything up correctly. Double check your company’s information and confirm all your vendor and customer contact information. Doing this diligently from the beginning saves you from tons of future headaches when you can’t find an important customer’s account because something was spelled incorrectly.

Now is also a good time to set up custom features like Quickbooks lead management to help you manage prospects or simply customize manage your icon bar to quickly see the links you will use most often.

If you already have an account, budget some time to do an audit. If you find that information is missing, irrelevant or duplicated, update it or use tools like the Quickbooks Merge Customer Accounts feature to clean up your data. A little time investment goes a long way for future productivity.

Tip # 2 Use Attachments

One way to keep your information super organized is to utilize the Attachments feature. This is one of our favorite tips that is commonly overlooked. For example, attaching W-9s to your contractor’s vendor profile can save you a ton of time come tax season.

Tip # 3 Email Automation

Being able to automate anything in the business world is a huge blessing. In Quickbooks, Email Setup with Automation allows you to receive reports such as weekly sales reports, a recap of open invoices, or monthly financial statements without any effort. Having access to this type of data is hugely beneficial for making important decisions

If you’re wondering, “How do I set up email in Quickbooks?” don’t worry. It’s an easy process and taking a little time to set it up will save you hours in the future.

Tip # 4 Utilize Memorized Transactions

Memorized transactions are a great way to save time by making your most used transactions automatic. They are easy to set up and allow you to offboard menial tasks like recurring sales or payments. Simply click a few buttons and gain back valuable hours each month!

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Tip # 5 Time Tracking

Another feature that many small business owners don’t realize is available in Quickbooks is time tracking. The T Sheets integration in Quickbooks online allows business owners to create time sheets right inside the software and integrate it directly with their payroll processing software. This allows you to approve timesheets, run payroll, and create invoices all from within your Quickbooks account.

Tip # 6 Frequent Reconciliation

One of the best ways to keep your transactions in Quickbooks organized is regular reconciliation. Whenever you receive an invoice or payment, make sure the transaction history is recorded right away. You want to ensure that not only do your bank accounts match up, but also your credit card statements, loans, and payroll accounts. Staying on top of this means you won’t have to spend hours at the end of the month or quarter adding in piled up paperwork. You can also catch and fix any mistakes or discrepancies right away.

Tip # 7 1099 vendor setup

If you use contractors or freelancers for your business, Quickbooks gives you an option to set up 1099 vendors. This allows you to easily sort your payments and eliminate any stress generating tax documents at the end of the year.

Tip # 8 Use Shortcuts

One of our favorite Quickbooks tricks is using shortcuts to save time navigating throughout the program without using the navigation bar. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to quickly jump to different areas and minimize clicks for regular tasks.

quickbooks tips

Tip # 9 Schedule Automated Backups

Backing up your data is incredibly important. It seems like an obvious step, but may people forget to do it. This can be disastrous if your computer crashes or the system goes down. Set up automatic backups so you never have to worry about what happens in the event of an emergency.

Tip # 10 Batch Invoices

Another great way to save time is to utilize the Quickbooks batch invoice feature.If you have recurring services like monthly retainers, this makes it incredibly easy to streamline your invoicing process. You can also batch other recurring transactions like expenses and checks to really increase your efficiency.

Quickbooks ProAdvisors at Paytech

Quickbooks is a powerful tool to organize your company’s most important data. If you need help getting started or becoming more efficient with the software, Paytech’s team of Quickbooks ProAdvisors can help. We’ll get you set up for success.

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