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You think Flo is helpful? Sally’s changing the small business game.

Our PayTech offices are full of Sallys (a.k.a Award winning Payroll, Accounting, and HR professionals and team of business consultants). Our Phoenix AZ services allow your businesses to thrive in a constantly changing market and environment. From bakeries to event planning, every business has books. Those books take hours of calculating, organizing, and re-calculating. Talk about a number nightmare.

Customer Service is Everything

At PayTech, we know what a small business looks like because we are a small business. Family owned since 1979, we know that when you call your business consultant, you want answers. And you want them fast. That’s why we decided to make customer service our #1 goal at all times. Each of our clients has a team of accountants, payroll experts, business consultants, and HR representatives that know the in’s and out’s of their company without taking over. When you call, we answer. Otherwise, wer’e here only when you need us.

Digital World, Digital Life

Everything these days is done online, it seems. Our web-based services allow you to access ALL of your files, documents, and accounts at the click of a button. Technologically challenged? Have no fear. Our HR reps and Quickbooks Pro Advisors are manning to phones to walk you through each part of your business’s accounts. The beautiful thing about online business consultant services? We may be based in Phoenix, AZ, but our reach is everywhere. We can help organize your businesses all over the United States with the click of our magic buttons. (They aren’t actually magic, but don’t tell our accounting wizards that)

Through Thick and Thin

The thing we love most about working for small businesses is being there for the high points and the low points. If your company has a bad quarter, our team of accountants are right there by your side adjusting, budgeting, and providing a shoulder to cry on. If your company suddenly booms, our team of payroll and HR reps are there to help you expand, hire, and train new employees throughout each moment of your success.

Sally might be a cartoon, but she represents something much greater. Get your business on the right track with the right people. Call PayTech at (602) 900-8807 or email us at to get started!


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