Arizona Overtime for Salaried Employees

Most business owners will eventually have to deal with overtime. What you may not expect, though, is that you may have to deal with overtime for salaried employees. Understanding the basics of Arizona overtime for salaried employees will help you to stay within the bounds of the law and to understand your responsibilities to your… Read more about Arizona Overtime for Salaried Employees

July Newsletter – More Small Business Owners Turn to Investing in People

One of the most difficult and important tasks for a small business owner is deciding where to invest back into the company. Should they upgrade technology or equipment, add to the marketing budget, expand, etc? It can be a painstaking process. Many small businesses are finding that investing in people, whether it’s in hiring the… Read more about July Newsletter – More Small Business Owners Turn to Investing in People

5 SCARY Payroll Fines

If you own a business, you’re much more likely to get spooked by payroll fines than by a few zombies or ghosts every October. There are dozens of penalties your company can face for things such as unpaid federal and state payroll taxes. These are serious penalties that can seriously damage your business or even… Read more about 5 SCARY Payroll Fines

October Newsletter – Small Business In Arizona Stats

This month’s newsletter features important small business in Arizona statistics. We also cover a new Social Security Wage Base increase, an important HSA adjustment, and more! Read on for news from the Payroll, Human Resources, Accounting and Tax industries.

5 Tips to Help Make Your Payroll Prop 206 Compliant

The deadline to make sure that your business and its payroll are compliant with Proposition 206 regulations has already passed. But if you are like many other business owners in Arizona, you may still have lots of questions or anxiety about whether or not you are doing it right. While Prop 206 compliance seems like… Read more about 5 Tips to Help Make Your Payroll Prop 206 Compliant

2017 State-by-State Minimum Wage

The year of 2017 has been an eventful one for business orders across the United States with the many state minimum wage changes passing during the past year. Raising wages, along with increasing paid sick leave and other employee benefits, changes the whole structure of how a business functions. In some states, this has been… Read more about 2017 State-by-State Minimum Wage