What is a Time and Attendance System?

Payroll, even in small businesses, has a lengthy amount of terminology that is not used in everyday language, including “what is a time and attendance system”. To the average outsider, it sounds like something that tracks time and records attendance but isn’t clear on how it does so. Time and attendance software is critical to… Read more about What is a Time and Attendance System?

How to do a Payroll Security Audit

Payroll security is vital to the functioning of any business. It doesn’t matter how many people you employ – if you can’t get paychecks out on time, your business won’t thrive. Even worse, failure to secure your data can put both the vital information of your employees and your business in danger. If you want… Read more about How to do a Payroll Security Audit

How to Set Up Payroll to Increase Overall Productivity

While some organizations have entire teams dedicated to handling payroll, most small businesses do not have that luxury. Instead, they turn to DIY systems or software to try to handle it internally. But what many companies don’t know is how to set up payroll to ensure that time and talent are instead used toward revenue-generating… Read more about How to Set Up Payroll to Increase Overall Productivity

Small Business Payroll Services

Not all payroll companies are equal. Some have high levels of service, while others have lower levels. Some have designated payroll experts for each account, some have customer service representatives standing by. Some use an extensive security network to protect client information while others use varying levels of security depending on price. The key to… Read more about Small Business Payroll Services

Must Have Payroll Services (Infographic)

If you are the owner of a business, you know just how vital payroll services are to keeping your company running smoothly. Some must-have solutions more than often reach beyond the services of payroll and include HR solutions, as well as accounting and tax services. To ensure that your company is in capable hands, make… Read more about Must Have Payroll Services (Infographic)

Painless, Paperless, Payroll Software

Payroll. Having the wrong system in place can be a confusing, inefficient process for your business. Its important to have a solid, scale-able method so your employees can be paid accurately, on time, every time. After all, a paid employee, is a happy employee. It’s also crucial to use a paperless payroll system, so your… Read more about Painless, Paperless, Payroll Software