Setting Up Your Human Resources Department for Growth and ROI

A human resources department is an important part of any organization no matter how small or big. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook bigger-picture potential for human resource departments to increase the productivity and viability of the enterprise. In those cases, decision makers tend to view human resources as a drain on resources rather than appreciating the… Read more about Setting Up Your Human Resources Department for Growth and ROI

Workplace Harassment Prevention Checklist

With workplace harassment so prominent in the current news cycle, small business owners who had never given the issue any thought may suddenly find themselves concerned with their company’s policies (or lack thereof). And while sexual harassment in particular is currently filling up the headlines, workplace harassment can take many forms. For example, any conduct,… Read more about Workplace Harassment Prevention Checklist

December Newsletter – Sexual Harassment Policy Tips

Can you believe it? 2017 is just about over. It’s been a hectic year in Corporate America, especially concerning sexual harassment in the workforce. Included in our newsletter are 2 articles with tips to keep your sexual harassment policy up to date in light of the latest events in the news.