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When it comes to running a business, consistency and accuracy are key. If you’re looking for a reliable and resourceful tax advisor to organize and take care of your business, look no further! PayTech tax services in Phoenix stands out from the rest because of our personalized customer services. We believe in building relationships with our clients so as to best serve their needs.

Who are we?

PayTech is a family owned company that has helped businesses thrive for over thirty years in the Valley! We stand for great customer service when it comes to handling all of your payroll, HR, accounting, and tax needs. Our superior products fit the prices of today’s constantly fluctuating economy to allow your business to thrive, without sacrificing on quality. We have a team of project managers, tax experts, and accountants who stick with you during the ups and downs in your business. Our accounting services are custom fit to streamline your bookkeeping (and cut down on all that paperwork)!

Month-to-Month Tax Services in Phoenix

We offer a comprehensive bundle of accounting services every month that cover all financial area of your business. Here is a list of some of our top accounting services in Phoenix:

  • You have constant access to a clear and accurate account of your monthly and year-to-date finances with our Balance Sheet, Revenue and Expenses Statement, and Detailed General Ledger.
  • All entries of sales, cash receipts, and check disbursements are organized in the Journal Entry and Check Register.
  • The Bank Reconciliation gives business owners a monthly cash balance and advises for adjustments or corrections, making each decision you make supported and well-planned.
  • You have access to lists of payments to employees and contractors, providing the basis for all tax reports, W-2’s, and 1099’s with our Payroll Register.
  • Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor provides expert training and assistance in using QuickBooks bookkeeping software system and answers any questions about the system in person.

Annual Tax Services in Phoenix

At PayTech, we think big picture while taking care of all the details in between. We also have full-service year-round tax plans. Here are some of our most popular services:

  • Year-round business and personal tax consultation
  • Year-end planning to maximize tax savings
  • Tax comparisons to maximize legal deductions
  • QuickBooks set-up and training
  • Elimination of unwarranted penalties
  • Year-round monitoring of tax law changes
  • Tax return preparation
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Business buy/sell analysis
  • Equipment and real estate purchase and sale planning
  • Projections, budgets and comparative financial reports
  • Business problem solving and expansion evaluation

Does your business need tax services in Phoenix?

What support do you have for your everyday business needs? PayTech is there when you need us. Read about what our clients’ experiences have been on our Testimonials page! Call today for a free consultation to get started! (602) 900-8807


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