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Once upon a time, making sure your business was being run efficiently meant knowing how to deal with paperwork and interacting with employees face to face. Now, many of the problems of the past can be solved with the use of some clever apps. These apps do it all, and each can play an important role in making sure your business can be all that it can be. Depending on the current state of your business, picking from among the right small business apps might help you take your company to the next level. The hardest part, it seems, is often figuring out exactly what is out there.

The Best Small Business Apps Currently on the Market


Using the right apps can help your business to soar. Apps cover everything from GPS time tracking for employees to facilitating communication, but they all have their own special roles in the business world. While there are far too many useful apps out there to list them all, there are a handful that do stand out. Below are ten of the best apps that you’ll need to ensure that your business is being run as efficiently as possible.




If you’re not already using Quickbooks for your accounting, you’re missing out. The fully-featured program is one by which many business owners swear and the app version is incredibly useful if you need to keep track of numbers on the go. This one is a must-have for anyone who uses Quickbooks.


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If you need to figure out what your customers are thinking, you might want to send out a survey. SurveyMonkey – and its excellent app – make it very easy to create a survey and send it out to your mailing list. The app even allows you to look over confidential answers, allowing you to get feedback without having to worry about the data being colored by previous assumptions. This is one of the absolute best tools for gathering information about what your customers and employees really think of your business.




The G-Suite of apps is a lovely way to make sure that everyone in your office stays on the same page. A combination of e-mail, document sharing, and storage, this suite of programs will provide an all-in-one solution for businesses that are already familiar with Google’s products. This is a great app even if you don’t currently use any high-tech tools, as making documents available through Google Docs is one of the easiest ways to ensure that everyone in your office has access to the same documents at the same time.




Need a quick way for your employees to communicate while they’re at their desks? Slack is a fantastic communications tool that has taken many industries by storm and the app is just as useful on smart devices as it is on PCs. This tool can allow your employees to work together on projects even when some of them are at remote locations, and those who are at their desks can join in on the conversation even if they don’t have the app. Consider this one of the better small business apps for work communication out there, even when compared to the built-in tools of some of the bigger names in the industry.


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If you’re doing your own document design, PicMonkey is a must. A great photo-editing program, it can allow you to manipulate images to put on your website or even your business cards. While it’s not quite Photoshop, it doesn’t cost nearly as much either. The subscription program is fairly cheap and it’s costs far less than having a professional do simple design work. This is a great app for small businesses that do their own branding work.




This is a great project management app. Trello makes keeping track of workflow easy, allowing you to assign individual team members tasks and to keep track of their progress at the same time. With a clean interface and some really user-friendly features, your employees will be able to use this to guide their own projects in no time. Consider this app if you’re looking to increase accountability in the office.




DocuSign has become an indispensable tool for those businesses that deal with a lot of contract paperwork. This app allows you to send out, sign, and even save contracts with just the push of a button. Far more efficient than printing out all of your paperwork, it’s also a great way to keep an electronic record of everything that has to be signed for your business. If you’re sick of organizing stacks of papers, this might be a good app for you.




If you aren’t already using DropBox, you’re missing out. The business version of the app makes it even easier for employees to store documents on a central server, allowing anyone with access to pick them up as necessary. This is a great app if you’re doing work on a remote site that needs to be picked up back at home or if you are collaborating with someone on the other side of the office.




If you’re leveraging your business’ social media accounts – and you should be – this app is for you. Not only does it allow you to schedule your posts across various platforms, but it also gives you a chance to see how those posts are really performing. Whether your goal is to make sure that you’ve got the most content out in your area or if you just want to see if your Facebook marketing is really working, Hootsuite is a fantastic choice.


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If you find yourself traveling frequently, you need this app. TripIt keeps all of your travel information in one easy-to-use spot and even allows you to build itineraries. You actually forward all of your travel info from various sites to the app and the app keeps it ready for you until you need to travel. Instead of balancing a dozen small business apps, you can just use this one in order to streamline your travel experience.


These small business apps are great for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need to streamline workflow or just keep better track of what your employees are working on, they will help you out. As ever, though, these apps can only help if you’re willing to use them to improve how your business runs. If you’re ready and willing to learn more ways to help your business run smoothly, don’t wait – sign up for the PayTech newsletter today.

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