Your business needs quick and efficient methods for tracking time worked and employee attendance records. This keeps everyone accountable for payroll expectations, schedule coverage, and so much more. Today’s payroll solutions have made great strides with user-friendly technology with practically no technical support needed. This is much appreciated among small to large service industry businesses. It gives you more time to support your employees and run operations.

PayTech has several payroll software options that are adaptable and scalable for manufacturing businesses, restaurants, and even growing medical practices. Best of all, the solutions we provide do not require you to invest in licenses or software common with other subscription-based services. Let PayTech walk you through our easy ERP payroll options. They are compatible with QuickBooks and Intuit point of sale platforms to streamline nearly all your employee management operations!

Attendance On Demand®: Web Hosted Time & Attendance

PayTech is an authorized supplier for Attendance On Demand® — an inexpensive time and attendance platform available in six adaptable modules for your business’ needs. Most are true plug and play devices with ethernet connection and power supply. Some require that you have an in-house PC installed with Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. You do not need to hire an experienced IT professional to troubleshoot or service your unit.

  • Easy-to-follow configuration and setup
  • Works with existing payroll systems like QuickBooks and Intuit
  • Highly secure network protects your business and employees’ pertinent information
  • Continual module backups and scheduled maintenance prevents data loss
  • Easily integrates with traditional time clocks and adapts to unique pay rules

Engage Your Workforce

There is an undeniable convenience and easy accessibility available through Attendance On Demand® Employee Self Service’s (ESS). The most common application of an ESS module is on-site at work. With today’s technology, your employees can access this information anywhere they can connect to the internet through your company-specific URL. This is a great bonus for employees in the service industries where their jobs are on the road.


With the ESS module, you can be transparent with your employees. You are empowering them with many capabilities. ESS reduces the need for tedious paperwork and manual manager approvals for functions, like these:

  • Punch In and Out — Employees are responsible for accurate timekeeping by entering their secure PINs, using their fingerprint, or swiping their RFID key tag or badge
  • Transfer Departments — When applicable, employees can request department transfers and notate time worked in different departments (if applicable)
  • Benefits Checks — Self-serve options to check how much paid/unpaid PTO is available and any other applicable benefits
  • Time Card Review — Easy visibility of current and archived time cards; some functions allow employees to submit corrections for management to approve
  • Request Time Off — Quick requests for paid/unpaid PTO can be processed with the Leave Management module enabled

ESS Mobile App for Employees

The Employee Self Service (ESS) mobile app is one of the many PayTech payroll software options available. It’s compatible with Attendance on Demand® software for basic employee functions. The app allows both in-house and out-of-office service employees to stay connected with their supervisors. Managers can send alerts to their direct reports with a push of a button. Best of all – you control the functions your employees can use on the app!

  • Download via Apple’s App Store or Google Play
  • Completely secure with employee-designated password or PIN
  • Easy access to punching in/out, schedule review, request time off, and more
  • Accommodates specialty payroll fields, including tips and expenses for meals or mileage
  • Quickly notify supervisors of being late or calling out
  • App experience is tailored to the employee and all information is recorded in Attendance on Demand®

Seeker for Absence Management

Regain your control as a shift supervisor when you are short-staffed. Seeker within the Attendance On Demand® app can alert available employees when you need shifts covered – saving you time from looking up phone numbers. When employees get the alert on their Attendance On Demand® ESS or ESS mobile app, they have the option to accept or decline, making it a faster, more efficient way of communication. Once the shift has been filled, all available employees on the callout list are notified.

The IntelliTouch 60: Workforce Management Time Clock

PayTech knows it’s daunting to run operations and ensure your business is meeting regulatory obligations. The IntelliTouch 60 software, available through Attendance On Demand®, is a highly-sought-after solution to help you improve workforce data control and reduce risk. It’s a centralized hub with touchscreen capabilities for your employees to stay engaged and improve communication with their direct managers.

time and attendance

What The IntelliTouch 60 Time Clock Offers:

  • Employee database of up to 1000 individuals per clock module
  • Easy toggling between languages and visual prompts
  • Embed video messages, safety demos, and other rich media
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface to review punches, hours worked, weekly schedules, benefit information
  • Identity verification options (touch screen PIN, barcode swiping, ID cards with a magnetic strip, biometric fingerprints, and RFID detection)
  • Basic employee functions (punch in/out, request time off, view schedules, review historical time cards, enter tips, etc.)
  • Enter missing punches digitally
  • Add callback punches

IDpunch 9 Time Clock

 The IDpunch 9 is a fully-automated system allowing both employees and supervisors to feel assured that their time off requests and punches in/out will not get lost or overlooked. It reduces the need for paperwork, misreading handwriting, and streamlines efforts for all. 

time and attendance

Those who currently use restaurant payroll software know the challenges that come with recording tips and view all employees’ availability for quick coverages. IDpunch9’s time clock does this for you.

What The IDpunch 9 Time Clock Offers:

For Employees:

  • Quick review of scheduled hours
  • Accessibility to paid/unpaid PTO, personal/sick, and other time off balances
  • Digital time off requests (no more lost paperwork!)
  • Ability to submit tips earned during shifts for service industry employees
  • Request department transfers
  • Notate time worked in different departments

For Supervisors:

  • Add missed punches for employees
  • Credit employee’s hours (or dollars)
  • Add schedules
  • Enable or lift restrictions for employee use of IDpunch 9
  • Monitor employees’ punches and review their information
  • Enter tips
  • Approve or assign department transfers
  • Approve time-off requests

HandPunch GT-400

To accurately manage medical practice payroll, having the most accurate verification technology available is undeniably important. The HandPunch GT-400 by Ingersoll Rand uses your employee’s hand in place of a badge or RFID card for identification verification. It does not use their fingerprints or palm prints – just the size and shape of their hand. Verification is available in less than one second and stops buddy punching.

What The HandPunch GT-400 Time Clock Offers:

  • Open architecture design with a 3.8-inch QVGA display
  • Large LED lightbar
  • Easy integration into existing payroll software networks
  • 8 programmable soft function keys
  • 10/100 Ethernet connectivity for a low-maintenance set-up
  •  Antimicrobial infused platen, keypad, and function keys

The Intelligent Terminal I.T. 3100

Attendance On Demand® also brings you the Intelligent Terminal I.T. 3100. This is a more traditional style of time clock with ATM-style function keys with the ability to securely allow employees with a badge, PIN or biometric fingerprint to access their information. It only requires a power outlet and an Ethernet connection. Once plugged in, the configuration is minimal and communicates with Attendance On Demand® and like-minded host or locally installed systems, such as Attendance Enterprise 2.0 (InfoTronics).

What The I.T. 3100 Time Clock Offers:

  • 1000 employee capacity per module
  • Full numeric keyboard
  • Customizable top 8 function keys
  • Common functions (ie. last punch, hours worked, scheduled shifts, benefits)
  • Specialty functions (ie. department transfers, callback punches, tip entry, and more)
  • Supervisor edits (ie. add punch/schedule, credit hours/dollars, pay lunch)
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation

Find all of your time & attendance solutions at PayTech

PayTech can be your one-stop resource for payroll software modules that will save everyone time and effort. With today’s workforce management technology, manual requests done by paper will old news, and communication between supervisors and direct reports will be greatly improved. Our cost-saving payroll resources are a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes and all industries, including medical practices, manufacturing facilities, and restaurants. Contact your PayTech representative today and schedule an appointment to learn more!