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Having trouble with QuickBooks? This is what we accounting people like to call trouble in paradise. It happens. We love QuickBooks, but we understand that any new software can be incredibly challenging to learn at first! We decided to come up with a list of ways to troubleshoot for QuickBooks for all you new QuickBooks wizards. This is the first in a series of ways to troubleshoot for QuickBooks to get you flying your Nimbus 2000 through your business’s numbers.

Consider This Your Letter to QuickBooks-Hogwarts

Grab your wand, Harry. The preferences offered by the QuickBooks software are seemingly neverending. Starting from the Edit menu, you can make personalized tabs, accounts, and users.

Customizing Your QuickBooks: Preferences

Choosing a Desktop

It’s time to customize your QuickBooks desktop to work for you. The best place to begin with your troubleshooting for QuickBooks is to make it look the way you want it to. Under Preferences in Desktop View, you can choose which startup screen you want to see every time you open the program. We highly recommend changing your desktop from the Accounting 101 default and adding on any tabs or windows to this startup for easy breezy beautiful accounting.

Speed Things Up

Next, it’s time to make sure that broomstick you just customized flies, and flies fast. Under Preferences in Search>Company Preferences, you will be able to search for anything you save in your company files OR personal files. The default setting from QuickBooks lets you choose from a drop-down menu every time you begin a search, but you can specify how often the program should index your files to create fast searches of recent entries. We should warn you though, longer times between updates are usually better because it doesn’t slow down the program.

Know the Keyboard Shortcuts

We never advocate for cheating…except when it comes to running computer programs. Once you get the hang of using these keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks, it’ll be much easier to breeze through each part of the program. Here are a few of our favorite keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks (for Windows):

Ctrl-N New invoice, bill, check, or list item in context

Ctrl-I Create invoice

Ctrl-W Write new check

Ctrl-E Edit selected transaction

Ctrl-F Find transaction

Ctrl-J Open Customer Center

Ctrl-Q QuickReport on transaction or list item

Troubleshoot for QuickBooks the Right Way

Stay tuned for our next blog in the Troubleshoot for QuickBooks series! Always remember that our Accounting, Payroll, and Tax professionals are always ready to help you with any of your business needs! Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor service provides training and assistance with all the small parts of this wonderful program. Give us a call to get started. 602.900.8807


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