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The accounting wizards here at PayTech are at it again. We’ve come up with another list of solutions and ways to troubleshoot for QuickBooks. Regain control over your business’s numbers, checks, and balances with this series of tutorials and best tips to troubleshoot for QuickBooks.

Quick Troubleshoot for QuickBooks: Problems with Invoices, Emails, & Files

QuickBooks Invoice Problems

Whether you’re having problems customizing your invoices or organizing already-paid-for invoices, we’ve got you covered. First, are you having trouble seeing changes to invoice customizations? Remember that QuickBooks doesn’t actually show all of your layout changes on the screen. To see custom invoice changes, click the Main tab on the form, then the Print box, and then Preview. Next, are you not able to delete or cancel invoices that have been paid for? You’ll want to make sure the payment stays on your books (the funds should be in Undeposited Funds). If you need to delete an invoice that was returned or made incorrectly, don’t just delete it! We recommend creating a memo for the invoiced items (this can include credits and refunds made). Here’s more details from Intuit.

QuickBooks Email Problems

Are you trying to change the default email format? As you probably know, QuickBooks creates an email message when any form gets created (invoice, statement, estimates, reports, etc.). To edit, click Send Forms preferences, then Company Preferences, then Change default where you will select a form type. From there, you have many optional choices from the drop down boxes. The salutation, Bcc, subject, and recipients can be changed for each form. Remember to click OK to save any changes! For incorporating email forms from outside QuickBooks, click here and get a detailed series of steps.

QuickBooks File Problems

Are you having trouble backing up or opening/restoring a file in QuickBooks? Here are a few of the error messages you might see with links to specific solutions:

Your problems could be an assortment of things from file location, initial installation, or the data in the file itself. We recommend following the highly specific instructions of the QuickBooks File Doctor!

Troubleshoot for QuickBooks the Right Way

As always, keep an eye out for our next Troubleshoot for QuickBooks blog in this series! Our Accounting, Payroll, and Tax professionals are always on hand to answer any questions you have regarding your business processes and management. Call today to check out our QuickBooks Pro Advisor services and get your business organized and on track! 602.900.8807


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