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When it comes to QuickBooks, our accounting wizards have got this stuff down! Today the expert aurors would like to give you the rundown on transferring funds and reconciliation. They are both fairly simple tasks that take a few steps to get through. Stick to these troubleshoot for QuickBooks tips and you will make it through just fine!

Troubleshoot For Quickbooks

Transferring Funds

  1. Scroll over the banking tab at the top of your window. This will bring up a drop down menu with several more clickable features.
  2. Find the Transfer Funds tab and click on it. You will use this function to transfer funds from one account to another.
  3. Once you have clicked on the Transfer Funds tab it will bring up a dialog box. In this box you will be able to select the date you want the funds transferred as well as which accounts you want the funds transferred from and to.
  4. When you have selected which accounts you want to transfer from and to from the drop down menus, you will see the amounts that are in each account and a space to enter how much you want to enter. You’ll want to enter the specific amount and then click either Save & Close if you are finished or Save & New if you want to create a new transaction.


  1. Scroll over the banking tab again and find the Reconcile tab from the drop down menu.
  2. Click on the Reconcile tab to bring up another dialog box.
  3. Once the Reconcile box has been pulled up, the main items you will want to reconcile will be your bank statements and your credit card statements.
  4. From here you will want to choose which account you want to reconcile, what date the statement took place, your ending balance, and add any service charges. When you have filled all of these areas out, click continue.
  5. After you have clicked continue, you will reach a screen where you will take a look at your bank statement and make sure everything matches up. To match them up, all you have to do is click in the check mark column on the right side of the screen.
  6. You will want to click each item until the difference reaches zero. When it reaches zero you’ll want to click Reconcile Now. Once you’ve done that a box will come up and ask if you want a summary, detail, or both printed out. Choose whichever suits you and then click Display, Print, or Close.

Still Confused? Give Us A Call!

Banking & reconciliation are both important elements when it comes to the QuickBooks and now you are adept on both of them. As always, our accounting wizards are ready and waiting to offer you personalized QuickBooks Pro Advising! Give us a call to at (602) 900-8807!


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