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Wellness Programs Could Save Businesses on Healthcare Costs


Potential Solution for Rising Healthcare Costs

A panel of Pittsburg PA human resources and benefits managers met recently to discuss options for businesses to save on rising health care costs that are hurting their companies. One solution, Wellness Programs, was universally accepted by the panel as an effective option that could save businesses on their costs. They concluded that Wellness Programs such as weight loss programs and wellness seminars can be an affordable option for the company and an effective one for employees.

Instead of offering flat, one size fits all programs for all employees, the panel recommended customization as a way to ensure individual success. If programs are customized to meet each employee’s individual needs, that employee would be more motivated to participate in the program year after year. Participation is key for employees to optimize their health and lower costs.

For more on the panel and how Wellness Programs can save your business on healthcare costs, please visit the Pittsburg Post-Gazette.