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The answer is small businesses. If you run your own small business it is important to remember that accounting services in Phoenix, and just about anywhere for that matter, are not simply meant for year-end taxes. PayTech believes that accounting services should be used to manage your business. Although one business may be successful without adequate planning, in order to maximize opportunity and minimize risk, ongoing budgeting, analysis, and planning is a necessity. Here is a few ways that accounting services helps your small business operate:

The 80/20 Rule

Basically the 80/20 rule means that 80 percent of outcomes can be linked to 20 percent of causes. What this means is that about 80 percent of your revenue may be generated by 20 percent of your product. This also means that 20 percent of your customer base may need 80 percent of your resources. So then the question remains: Are these the same products and/or services, and/or customers? To know the answer and what it means for your small business, you need an accounting service.

Trend Analysis

There are plenty of factors that affect businesses, such as a shift in buying habits or a change in the price of raw materials. Whatever your business, these trends need to be analyzed. If they are not properly analyzed, the necessary adjustments may not be made in order to take advantage of a potential gain or minimize a potentially negative impact. Accounting services allow your business to find profitable trends and capitalize on them.

Ratio Analysis

Business ratios can tell a story, they are not just calculations made up on Wall Street. These stories are often not obvious without accounting services in place. These services can use ratios to compare your business other similar sized companies. You can find information about other companies online or through various industry groups. Analyze your accounting data to determine if your small business can still maintain the healthy margin while reducing expenses to industry standard levels and benefit from a supersized profit.

PayTech Has Your Back

PayTech accounting and tax services realizes the importance of a reliable and resourceful accounting service who provides sound bookkeeping and professional tax guidance at the least possible cost. Our accounting and tax services are designed to cut through the red tape and get you the necessary information to custom-fit your business needs. Whether you are already taking advantage of our payroll, HR Support or Payroll Plus services, your partnership with a PayTech accounting and tax professional will lead the way to a future your business can count on.

Check Out These Accounting Services in Phoenix

PayTech has three awesome packages that will absolutely improve your small business accounting services. To find out more about our awesome packages click here. Visit our contact page or give us a call if you have any questions!


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