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PayTech payroll and HR solutions have helped businesses thrive for over 30 years. Family owned since 1979, PayTech stands for great customer service offering superior products at prices that fit today’s demanding economy.

Business is competition. At every turn your business is competing for the best resources, customers, and employees. Attracting and keeping a top notch team is critical to your company’s success. Partnering with PayTech gives you the edge over your competition with the right tools to provide solid payroll and HR solutions.

As our world becomes more digital it is our goal to keep your business up to speed with the latest technology. Our completely Web-based payroll and HR systems are designed to bring advanced resources and information directly to your fingertips.

Client satisfaction is the root of our success. This is why we have no problem giving out special treatment to every client. Our expert team of accountants, project managers and agents are dedicated to knowing your business intimately. You’ll always receive the best advice for your exact needs. Our services are custom fit to streamline your payroll, human resources, accounting, tax planning, employee benefits and so much more.

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