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More and more companies have come to embrace computerized time clocks for their employees because many of these platforms integrate existing payroll rules and check printing software. This helps make the process as streamlined as possible. If you have some hesitancy to using new technology or software, look at the easier-to-use platforms. They can make the transition less stressful. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with the all-in-one packages with extra bells and whistles that sound nice but would otherwise be unused.

Many of today’s operational functions have migrated to digitized solutions already. There are many valid reasons to start this transition for payroll processing, which we’ve established in our payroll for small business guide. If your company continues to use paper recording for punches and time-off requests, this is for you.

While it’s respectable to honor the pen and paper methods of payroll tracking, mistakes are bound to happen, and they will occur more often than digitized methods. When punch or time off request mistakes happen, they take a good chunk of time to remediate. Computerized time clocks reduce the likelihood of these errors.

Computerized time clocks for employees from PayTech

Working with a payroll solutions provider works in your benefit because there are vendor relationships that will come in handy for you. The types of relationships PayTech has established are with companies that produce computerized time clocks for employees.

We have personally evaluated all the offerings and looked at how they can help you, our clients! From the hospitality industry to offsite construction workers, we know exactly which time clock module makes the most sense for your business. Keep reading for some stats of the ones we offer.

Biometric time clock functionality

Before you explore the options available through PayTech, it is important to address a common issue in workplaces: time fraud. More commonly known as buddy punching, it causes significant headaches for payroll processing because the information is incorrect and doesn’t reflect the true data of time worked. Buddy punching also poses a significant challenge for supervisors tracking absenteeism.

To help combat this, many time clocks are available today with biometric verification. These methods can include fingerprints, handprints, hand sizes, retinal scanning, and even voice recognition. The options available below all use a form of biometrics to help address and remedy this common occurrence for a variety of industries.

IntelliTouch 60

The IntelliTouch 60 is a workforce management time clock that has Attendance on Demand software integrated with it. It’s a single solution for businesses to improve payroll control, lower software costs, and reduce payroll compliance risk. Its many features give you more opportunities to engage employees, improve communication, optimize workforce data, and more.

time and attendance


  • 8” touchscreen display
  • Audio feedback to confirm the selection (optional)
  • Rich media capabilities, including video uploads
  • Electronic notifications to supervisors to improve workplace communication and transparency
  • Real-time notifications of missing punches, required time card approval or exceptions, and comprehensive punch restrictions

Punch Options: touch screen PIN, barcode swipe, magnetic stripe, biometric finger, RFID proximity detection

Capacity: Up to 1,000 employees per module

Cost: Each unit is priced competitively with a monthly “pay as you go” subscription

Featured Industries: Retail, healthcare (medical offices, hospitals, senior care), hospitality, grocery/pharmaceutical, restaurants, and light industrial workplaces

HandPunch GT-400

The HandPunch GT-400 houses the most accurate verification technology available on the market to help prevent buddy punching. It uses the size and shape of each employee’s hand to help authenticate each time they punch. It does not use their fingerprints or palm prints, which helps ensure payroll accuracy and improves employee accountability within the workplace.


  • Standard Ethernet connectivity
  • 3.8” QVGA display
  • Four-color LED bar provides visual feedback of punch verification and online connectivity
  • Antimicrobial-infused platen, keypad, and function keys
  • Supports use of memory cards up to 1GB
  • 8 ATM-style programmable soft function decision keys, including callback punches, workgroup transfers, last punch, schedule review, benefit balances, time off requests, and tip entries
  • Relay available for door control or buzzers
  • Relay available with remote module
  • Easy integration with existing network infrastructures

Punch Options: Hand size (not biometric with fingerprints or handprints)

Capacity: System can verify up to 1,000 employees

Cost: Talk with a PayTech representative to get an accurate quote for your business size

Featured Industries: healthcare (medical offices, hospitals, senior care), food service, and quick-serve restaurants

Pricing Cta

IDPunch 7

Prevent buddy punching with this powerful yet affordable time clock. The IDPunch 7 plugs in with an Ethernet connection and power source. The unit communicates well with hosted systems including Attendance on Demand or locally-installed systems like Attendance Enterprise 2.0.

The IDPunch 7 module continues to collect employee interactions even when the network is unavailable. It will automatically forward the data to the time and attendance system when the connection is restored.


  • True plug and play device
  • Compact in size
  • Conforms to ADA specification
  • Linux operating system
  • Suprema finger reader module and function keys give your employees the ability to notate department transfers, review hours worked, check benefit details, enter callback punches, enter tips, and more

Punch Options: PIN entry, RFID badge swipes, finger reader

Capacity: Up to 250 employees

Cost: Super affordable and easy to have several modules throughout the workspace for efficiency

Featured Industries: Call centers, retail, and more

IT 3100

The Intelligent Terminal I.T. 3100 collects labor data right at the module. Employees not only can punch in and out, but they can use the time clock for other advanced time and attendance actions. All the functionality prevents unauthorized over time and works with your payroll system’s pay policies.

The I.T. 3100  also collects employee transactions and relays the information in the event of a connection outage. It is an internet-compatible device with easy installation and communicates well with hosted systems like Attendance on Demand and locally-installed systems such as Attendance Enterprise 2.0.


  • ATM-style keys
  • Linux operating system
  • Durable, enclosed construction
  • Meets ADA compliance specifications
  • Suprema finger reader sensors
  • Multiple finger templates
  • Advanced supervisor edits: add punches or schedules, credit hours or dollars, and lunch pay
  • Employee review capabilities: last punches, hours worked, schedule, benefits
  • Employee edit options: transfer workgroups, add callback punches, and enter tips

Punch Options: PIN entry, HID proximity badges, magnetic card swipe, bar code scanning (Codabar 3 of 9, 2 of 7), and biometric (fingerprint)

Capacity: Up to 1,000 employees

Cost: Ask your PayTech representative for a detailed price quote for your business’ needs

Featured Industries: industrial home offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and more

computerized employee time clocks

Are you in the market for an employee time clock?

You may not have known you were in need of a new time clock, but any of these options can help improve communication, reduce errors, and increase accountability. Our experts are here for you whenever you’re ready to start a discussion to begin the transition from the pen and paper payroll tracking methods.

Change is never easy, but it is more manageable when you have a good business partner working alongside you. We will help you evaluate what your business needs and work at your pace. Reach out by calling (602) 900-8807 today!


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