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small business payroll

Small Business Payroll

A Business Owner's Guide for Payroll

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Paycheck Calculator

Calculate Net Pay for Your Salaried Employees

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Accounting & Tax

Accounting & Tax

Leading-edge accounting and tax services to help you keep track of your business expenses and be prepared for tax time.

HR Professionals

Certified HR Professionals

PayTech’s HR services help empower and protect your business through the murky waters that HR can be.


Leading Edge Payroll Services

Getting paid on time is a big deal! At PayTech, we ensure that our payroll services address all of your business needs!

PayTech Offers Payroll Services, Safety & Solutions

Accuracy, efficiency, & real-time reporting are essential functions of any business, especially concerning payroll & its inherent potential for complexity, discrepancies, or unforeseen issues. To that effect, we’ve simplified the process surrounding payroll management & aim to equip local businesses with the resources necessary to streamline their payroll & accounting effectively.

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Featured Payroll Services & Coverage

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Maintaining transparency and consistency are the hallmarks of success surrounding the time and attendance aspect of a company’s payroll. Having our payroll specialists at PayTech at the helm of your company’s payroll endeavors consistently ensures all time and attendance needs are well-accounted for.

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paperless options

100% Paperless Options

Help reduce office clutter, disorganization, & unnecessary expenditures on your company’s budget by taking full advantage of our paperless self-service payroll options. Moreover, adopting a modernized, digital approach to a company’s payroll system also increases security and protection exponentially.

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free hr support

Free HR Support

Bolstered by our HR support, our clients are equipped with a wealth of Human Resource provisions that safeguard against potentially costly occurrences, such as unheralded audits or otherwise avoidable lawsuits. We’re of the mind that embracing a preventative stance on HR policies & procedures yields the best results.

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401k plans

401k Plans

A company's success is a direct reflection of the success of its employees & management in many regards. So planning accordingly for the future on both fronts is not only prudent, but it’s actually paramount. Let us help you plan for the best future possible regarding your company’s or employee’s 401k & retirement status.

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Adherence to Federal guidelines, mandates, standards, & even laws is pivotal to a company’s short & long-term goals of success, growth, & capacity for future patronage. Furthermore, with proper e-verification, the likelihood of retaining a worthwhile employee is also significantly boosted as well.

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Human Capital Management or (HCM) is an enterprise or effort(s) that directly involves active employment recruiting, screening, vetting, and hiring ideal candidates with the goal of increasing production, minimizing loss, and ensuring an effective management structure is maintained throughout the duration.

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online/internet recruiting

Online/Internet Recruiting

We’ve consolidated all of the necessary components of recruiting high-value employees, including advertising, payroll, & onboarding into an effectively streamlined, user-friendly process. We make it possible to find the best possible candidate while simultaneously eliminating less-desirable applicants.

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paperless onboarding

Paperless Onboarding

From the recruitment phase of hiring efforts to the interview process and later in the development of said employee, our paperless onboarding options are proven effective over time, across industries, and against market fluctuations. Please reach out directly for addtional inquiries regarding our paperless onboarding services!

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Protecting one’s employees against unforeseen circumstances involving their finances is an enterprise most any company can support. With ZayZoon, employees have a dedicated avenue of financial reprieve for their respective workers and employees - not least of all for timely cash and/or salary advances.

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benefit management

Benefit Management

Included in our professional payroll services are management options & coverage for employee payroll benefits, earned incentives, and even performance compensation. For additional questions, please contact us directly to learn more about our benefit management capacities & coverage.

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worker's compensation

Worker's Compensation

Taking a multi-faceted approach towards worker’s compensation and the challenges it often entails, we work in concert with many carriers to ensure both employees and employers are equally protected against performance prevention or glaring disparities in overall productivity.

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As many small-to-midsized businesses will attest, Quickbooks is often the bridge that spans the gap between foolproof financial organization & the hardships of archiving & administering payroll. Our payroll services ensure that data ledgers & payroll sheets are easily integrated, regardless of industry.

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Professional Potential Requires Professional Payroll Services

With something as diverse & integrated as a company’s payroll needs can be, it’s easy to appreciate the positive impact an experienced payroll company can achieve for a business; the size, industry, goals, or ambitions of said company notwithstanding. As such, we have been a preferred payroll company here in Arizona for the better part of five decades and will continue to meet & exceed local payroll demand(s).


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