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You Need a Construction Time Tracking Software – and Here’s Why


If you run a construction business, you absolutely need the assistance provided by a solid construction attendance and time tracking software. While you’ve probably seen others use the software, you might not understand all of its benefits until you’ve used the software yourself. Fortunately, most of them really do speak for themselves.

Why do I need time tracking software?

Owners of construction businesses face very particular challenges when it comes to time management. If you’re looking into construction time tracking software, it’s likely because of the many benefits that this type of software can bring to you. If you’re not convinced by what you’ve already seen, the reasons below might convince you of the utility of time tracking software.

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It takes the manual work out of payroll

Time tracking software does something very important – it takes a time-consuming task off the hands of supervisors and managers so that they can better use their energy elsewhere. While time tracking can certainly be complex, that’s usually because of the sheer amount of paperwork that needs to be done. Simple software can, however, take care of tracking tasks with only minimal oversight. This means that you can reduce the number of hours spent by your managers on tracking hours, thereby allowing them to do more complex parts of their jobs. If you’re looking to reduce the busywork of your managers and supervisors, investing in good time tracking programs is a great start.

Accurate time recording

It can be difficult to accurately record time worked on a construction site. You likely have multiple shifts of workers coming on and off the job and it’s not uncommon for individuals to have wildly different start times from day to day. Unfortunately, this means that it’s very easy to both honestly lose track of time and to have your workers fudge the numbers on their own time sheets. If you invest in time tracking software, though, you can more easily keep track of the hours worked by your crew in an accurate manner. You’ll not only make sure that all of your workers get paid for the time they’ve worked, but you’ll also avoid the wage theft that comes with dishonest time sheets.

A bigger picture

Time tracking is just one part of a much bigger picture for construction companies. This type of software helps you to recommit to accurate accounting and eliminating unnecessary expenditures. When you invest in this software, you’re making a statement that you care about the bottom line and that you’re going to do everything you can to ethically keep your profits high. This kind of software might just be one tool, but it’s a tool that can help you to make a statement about the future of your business. If you’re concerned about the big picture, this software can help you start down the right path.

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Keep the team on track

Everyone knows that time means money, and that’s even more true in the construction business. One of the big advantages of time tracking for employees is that it helps you to keep your team on track. When you can see exactly how many hours are being worked, you can be a better judge of how the progress that’s being made on your job sites. You can better allocate hours, give your workers a better assessment of how they are doing, and you’ll be able to meet your deadlines better when you use the proper tools for keeping track of the hours your crew works.

Integrate other tools

If you’re using the right types of time tracking tools, you won’t be using them in a vacuum. You’ll be able to integrate these tools with not only your other productivity software but also with your payroll tools. Imagine not only being able to automatically track when your workers are on the clock but also having that information automatically uploaded to your book-keeping tools so that you can see who is due for overtime pay at a glance. You may also be able to network with geofencing or locational tools to ensure that you know exactly when and where your employees are working. Looking at time tracking as one part of your larger productivity toolbox can really drive home the utility of these products.

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Looking for a time tracking software for your business?

If you’re interested in time tracking software, it’s important that you also look into other ways to make your business more efficient. PayTech can help you with the time tracking and payroll services you need to take your business to the next level. When you’re ready, make sure to check out PayTech’s site and to take a look at the payroll processing pricing and packages page.