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Let’s be honest. The jolly stereotype that surrounds the mysterious world of the HR Department is that they say so much, while meaning so little. Whether it’s through a delightful mound of paperwork or those things called Ethics meetings, most of us are at a bit of a loss as to what actually happens in the HR department (aside from the obvious witchcraft). Leave it to PayTech to do the dirty work of casting the spell that unlocks your HR department (and magically whisks away that extra paperwork).

So, What is The HR Department?

As the CEO and manager of your business, ideally, you should know how all of the laws, regulations, and technicalities of each department works, right? Keyword: ideally. The HR, or human resources, department tackles the dirty work of your office.

hr department

At PayTech, we take on the recruitment and selection aspect of running your business, from analyzing the available workforce to helping train and develop new hires. We are with each of your employees through every step of their employment. HR is often given a bad rep, but in reality, HR exists to give your employees an orientation and keep them in the same direction. Our goal is to train, protect, and keep your employees, even if hard conversations are involved.

And Behind Door Number One…HR business

More HR business (with terms that we aren’t quite sure actually mean different things).

  • Human Resources knows your company inside and outside, which is why the HR department is usually in charge of job analysis, remuneration, industrial/employee relation, organizational development and change management, HR metrics, etc.
  • Job analysis is the building blocks of HR which includes creating a foundation and job description for each position held within a company.
  • Remuneration is essentially the monetary side of employee’s positions (salary, wages, incentives, etc.). It’s much more complicated than simply numbers on a page though.
  • Industrial and Employee relations provides advice and consultations for policy, discipline, and managing risk.
  • Organization development manages the changes of an organization on a month-to-month basis in order to overcome changes in finances, personnel, and new opportunities.
  • Finally, HR metrics is as cool as it sounds: data.

Human Resource Management

All of your company’s data from Facebook to balance sheets goes through HR to find and identify organizational indicators and other human resource management results, in order to create more targeted advertising and better take care of your employees and their schedules.

hr department

Beyond the Standard HR Support

Take a breath. This is where we come in. If you think the terminology is complicated, just wait until its application. PayTech offers your company assistance that goes beyond the standard HR support. We can take over any issue, from sexual harassment to difficult layoffs.

All PEO and ASO Services

Our experts know the in’s and out’s of the industry and stay up-to-date on all PEO and ASO services. Check out all of the benefits from PayTech’s HR Support!

PayTech is different from any HR department

PayTech is different from any HR department because, while we do the same things, we are there only when you require it. Instead of constantly nagging, we believe in simplicity in the workplace.


Happy employees means a happy boss.

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