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Do you own your own small business and are having issues with the Human Resources part? Well you are most certainly not alone. There are businesses all over the country that go nowhere fast because of their lack of quality HR. Questions come up like, “What should I do if one of my full time employees cannot physically withstand their duties because of a health condition?” PayTech has an answer for that question as well as for your Human Resources problem. We have a new software that we have been calling the HR Answerlink. Check out some of its useful benefits:

Human Resource Software


The HR Answerlink has an abundance of HR type documents. Everything from checklists, forms, guides, and even letters. Each of these sections has multiple useful documents that will make your life easier. Let’s look at some examples:


Some of the checklists found in HR Answerlink include, the Anti-Harassment Policy Checklist, the Year End Checklist, the Safety Training Calendar, and even includes Termination Checklists (because you may have to use it).


There are plenty of forms that we could list off but we won’t bore you through them all, but here are a few that most businesses could benefit from. The Benefits Enrollment Spreadsheet, the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Manual, Background Check Notice and Authorization, and the Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement.


Every now and then we all need to be guided through something. The HR Answerlink has several guides that will help you with the elements you’re not sure about. These guides include, the Complaint Investigation Guide, the ADA Employer’s Guide, the Employer Mandate Reporting Guide, as well as the Basics of Creating a Training Program.


Human Resources often require communicating with employees, the government, or third parties about employment-related issues. Because of this the HR Answerlink has a list of letters for reference. Here are just a few that could be useful, the Benefits Eligibility Letter, the Exempt Employment Offer Letter, and the Modified Work Offer Letter.


Each of these documents can be completely customized to the needs of your small business by our HR Pros. While we are talking about customizable items within this software, let’s check out some of the tools.


The HR Answerlink also includes several tools that your small business could benefit from. It includes several different types of calculators, employee handbooks that are customized to your business’s needs, HR audits, a job description library, a minimum wage map, the policy library, as well as the services hub. These tools are a great place to start if you are not a genius when it comes to Human Resources.

PayTech’s HR Software Can Help You

The HR Answerlink is a great software that will absolutely help you run your business in good order and very efficiently. PayTech is the one stop shop for any payroll, HR, or accounting needs. To get more information on the HR Answerlink contact us at (602) 900-8807.


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