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PayTech’s Payroll Plus is a selection of choice services that are the "cherry“ on top of your core list of payroll solutions.

More for Your Bottom Line

With the right plan, your business can free up a lot of time and paperwork associated with payroll. Tax credit & expense recovery, time & management tracking along with 401K plans, and E-Verify confirmation give you the tools your business needs to master the world of payroll processing.

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Time and Attendance

More for Your Bottom Line

With our completely Web-based system, you not only eliminate manual time tracking, but also gain instant access to HR functions like payroll audits, leave requests, and policy rules. Customizable data collection such as badge readers, PC entry, bio-metric hand, and fingerprint readers, and web punch minimize lost-time so you can pay your employees accurately and protect your bottom line.

The task of workforce management is, let’s face it, pretty daunting. And a growing tangle of regulatory obligations must be met: FLSA, ACA, FMLA, PBJ, and more. There is a solution to improve control, lower costs, and reduce risk.

  • Engage employees
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Control labor costs
  • Optimize workforce data
  • Enhance workplace communication


100% Paperless Options Available

PayTech’s payroll transfer options offer the ultimate in reporting convenience, including paperless and online reporting. PayTech offers self-service options for you to maintain your information via a secured portal with full data encryption. Whether you're in the office, constantly on the road, or bounce between offices, the ease and simplicity of entering data via the Internet makes cash flow maintenance a breeze.

401(k) Plans

Investing in your employee's future is investing in your business's future. PayTech can assist you with setting up a retirement plan for your valued employees with little to no cost, while greatly enriching your benefits package. 401(k) plans add to your recruiting power, boost employee morale and enhance retention programs by demonstrating your commitment to the longstanding financial health of your workforce. PayTech partners with American National Insurance Company (ANICO) to offer top-notch 401(k) resources.


Free HR Support with HR360

This service provides business owners and managers with the Human Resources information, expertise and tools needed to optimize employee productivity and minimize exposure to costly lawsuits and audits. This product will give you the access on an unlimited basis to resources such as job descriptions, HR articles, glossary of HR terms, HR news and updates, HR forms, Employment laws, Employee Handbooks and a database of HR questions answered by HR professionals.


Are you in compliance? Federal law requires companies to employ only individuals who may legally work in the United States – either U.S. citizens, or foreign citizens who have the necessary authorization. Penalties can be severe for non-compliance, so it is essential that your company is able to demonstrate compliance with all applicable laws. PayTech can alleviate this burden by verifying new hires on your behalf using E-Verify.


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