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The Benefits of Managing Your Payroll Online

Posted On: 05/27/2024 / Payroll Services
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Online Payroll Management & The Many Benefits

The Benefits of Managing Your Payroll Online

Pros of Managing Your Payroll Online

Ask any administrator that handles payroll and they will tell you about the time consuming, energy zapping, often frustrating task of tracking, preparing, and executing payroll. To solve this problem there are many companies surfacing proclaiming they have the best payroll software online. But where do you start?

The best way to decide if you want to manage your payroll online is look at the pros and cons.

Paid On Time and Accurately
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Have you ever had that sickening feeling when you left someone off payroll, paid them the wrong amount, or missed the deadline to submit payroll for direct deposit? It is a gut-wrenching problem.

The beauty of online payroll is that you have a dedicated payroll representative handling your payroll account. It’s like having an extra set of eyes on the books so you know that your employees and vendors are getting paid on time and accurately, your taxes are being filed correctly, and your numbers are reflecting properly in the books. A payroll representative is dedicated to making sure your payroll goes smoothly so you can spend time on the important stuff.

Helping Your Employees

One of the great benefits of managing your payroll online is the ease with which your employees can access their own information. You’re bound to receive questions from employees: How much is being taken out of my checks for taxes? Can I get a copy of my last 3 statements because I’m buying a house? Can I get a copy of my W2 from last year? Of course you want to help your employees; unfortunately answering these questions can often be time consuming which means you have less time to spend running your business.

With online payroll software your employees have access to all of their payroll information. They can access it when they want, as many times as they want, and wherever they have internet access. That means they get the info their are seeking quickly and leaves you free to focus on more pressing matters – that’s a true win-win!

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Secure Interface
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In order to process payroll you need a variety of confidential information from employees. You don’t want to give access to this info to any Joe-schmoe. PayTech is an award winning payroll company with state-of-the-art security interfacing. That means you can rest easy knowing your company’s and your employees’ private information is safe and protected.


Your online payroll services can be integrated with Quickbooks software, the most popular accounting software on the market. This gives you the ability to keep more accurate financial records, not to mention the time you’ll recover when you don’t have to manually enter these transactions.

The sophisticate integration also allows you to easily generate, print, and send a variety of reports and financial statements. Few things are easy in business, so this one is a big one in the pro column.

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Online Payroll Benefits with PayTech
  • Payroll Check
  • Tax Service
  • Standard Reports
  • Check Signing
  • Check Sealing / Insertion
  • Delivery (Valley – Next Day)
  • Garnishment Calculation
  • Voids / Manual Checks
  • Online Employer
  • Pre-Process Review
  • Ad Hoc Report Writer
  • Write Choice Report Writer
  • Company Logo on Checks
  • Paperless Payroll
  • Employee Self Service
  • General Ledger Report
  • QuickBooks Interface
  • Standard 401(k) Report
  • Electronic Reports
  • Employee Self Service
  • General Ledger Report