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Posted On: 07/19/2024 / Payroll Services
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The IRS has sent an alert to inform business owners of a new scam. It is tied to the new Beneficial Ownership Information Report (BOIR). Scammers are mailing a form to business owners to provide information (Form 4022). There is no IRS form 4022. They are also requesting a check or money order for $117 to be made payable to US Business Regulations Dept. This department does not exist. The form also says you must respond by next month, which is not in line with BOIR regulations, which give business owners until the end of 2024 to file the form.

Prevent Scammers in 2024 with PayTech


Prevent Scammers in 2024 with PayTech

When visiting the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network website (the enforcers of the Beneficial Ownership Information Report), they are also alerted to a scam involving emails with QR codes and URL’s. Like the IRS, FinCEN does not send emails, so links should not be opened.


Business owners should be cautious right now, as many scammers use new regulations to try and profit, as they did with the Employee Retention Credits and the PPP loans. Verify any requests with your tax professional. The form that they are sending out includes all the information needed to open new lines of credit in the business name.

Prevent Scammers in 2024 with PayTech


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